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February 28, 2000

Making the News

David Cope's Experiments in Musical Intelligence was the subject of a story on CNET about recently developed computer programs that can be used to make music. Cope was also featured in a segment on ABC's World News Now. The two-minute segment used a short clip from a film by Porter academic preceptor Bob Giges on Cope titled Bach Lives!...At David Cope's House. Because the film was used, UCSC conductor Nicole Paiement also made a cameo on the air.

Anthropologist Nancy Chen's expertise in qigong and Falun Gong is well known among journalists, the most recent of whom talked with her while reporting an article for the New York Times about cancer patients in China who are trying to harness the invisible forces of qigong to fight their disease.

Brent Haddad of environmental studies is fielding calls about his new book on water policy. He was interviewed by a reporter with American News Service and appeared on KSCO Radio. Next up is KUSP Radio, where he'll appear on March 27 at 12:30 p.m.

Last week's vote on mandatory grades attracted coverage from the local media, including the Santa Cruz County Sentinel and KCBA-TV, as well as beyond the local area. The San Francisco Chronicle joined the San Jose Mercury News in covering the story, and both papers quoted several faculty members and instructors, including Bob Ludwig, George Brown, Geoffrey Pullum, Dan Linger, Barbara Rogoff, Tim Fitzmaurice, Peter Euben, and Martha Zuniga. KQED Radio's coverage included interviews with Daniel Press, Barry Bowman, and Roger Anderson.

In a Metro Santa Cruz story on UCSC alum Marti Noxon, women's studies scholar Bettina Aptheker was credited as being the inspiration for an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the WB channel show about a teenager who fights forces of darkness in the halls of her high school by day and in the vampire world by night. Aptheker herself isn't a vampire expert, but she does know a lot about goddesses, and Noxon, who writes for the hit show, said themes in an episode called "The Wish" were inspired by Aptheker's class lectures on goddesses.

The intensive news coverage of the discovery by astronomer Anthony Misch of a manuscript by Johannes Kepler persisted when National Geographic magazine ran a half-page story in its January 2000 issue.

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