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February 28, 2000


Mark Franco

Mark Franko, professor of theater arts (dance), was invited by a Portuguese arts organization to consult in Lisbon on "Panorama: A speculative history of the moving body," an installation to circulate throughout Europe and North America in 2000-01. He also read a paper titled, "The Readymade as Movement: Cunningham, Duchamp and the Two Merces" at the conference "Remaking the Readymade: The Afterlife of an Artistic Idea" at UCSC. Recently, Franko was also invited to Paris to talk in seminars on visual anthropology, dance, and the anthropology of emotion at both the College de France and the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales.

Francisco Hernandez

At the recent 47th Annual Western Regional Meeting of the College Board in Honolulu, Francisco Hernandez, vice chancellor for Student Affairs, participated in a discussion of UC's new initiative to provide online access to advanced placement classes. Hernandez was joined by Nancy Giberson, assistant superintendent of the San Diego County Office of Education, in the discussion of the UC College Prep Initiative (UCCP), which makes online AP courses available to high school students who do not have adequate opportunities to prepare for college. Thirteen schools from San Diego and Imperial Counties participated in the initial pilot program. Hernandez, as executive director of UCCP, discussed the program's implications for students and school districts and the future of distance education for preparing high school students for college. He and Giberson also discussed issues of equity and access to courses in general and to online courses in particular.

Vince Waskell, Kevin Cashen

Vince Waskell and Kevin Cashen of the Presentations Unit of Media Services have won an Award of Distinction from the Communicator Awards for a video they created for the Sodexho Marriott food service, which serves the UCSC campus. The program, O-Bento Sushi, depicts the making of a special menu item created for dorm residents, and includes satisfied-customer comments.

Waskell created a distinctive visual style during the videotaping of the program segments that captured the appetizing quality of the sushi. Cashen then edited the video into an effective information program that conveyed the required information, while creating a mood that carried the piece.

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