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October 15, 2001

Making the News

In the wake of the September 11 attacks, many campus scholars are sharing their time and expertise with the public. Historian Terry Burke was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor for a story about the use of the word "terrorist" in conjunction with the attacks, and he also made a case in the Monitor for more in-depth media coverage of the diversity of Middle Eastern societies and cultures. . . . Alan Richards of environmental studies appeared on Minnesota Public Radio's "Marketplace Morning Report" to discuss the role oil will play in the way the war on terrorism is fought. . . . Barbara Epstein of the History of Consciousness Department was quoted in a San Antonio Express-News story about youth reaction to world events. . . . Psychology's Anthony Pratkanis has fielded numerous calls about war propaganda from media outlets, including the Baltimore Sun, the Los Angeles Times, the Kansas City Star, the Toronto Star, and the Sacramento Bee. He discussed public reaction to the attacks with the Santa Cruz Sentinel, and he talked about research directions for psychologists in the aftermath of September 11 with the Monitor, which is published by the American Psychological Association. . . . Sociologist Paul Lubeck made a second appearance on KUSP's "Talk of the Bay" program to discuss diversity in Islam, and political scientist Mike Urban discussed Russia's role in U.S. antiterrorist strategy on BBC Radio.

Regional media converged on Long Marine Lab to cover the arrival of a sea otter named Morgan, who has joined another otter, Wick, in a research program headed by associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology Terrie Williams and graduate student Laura Yeates. Trainers Brett Long and Traci Fink were also featured in the coverage, which included TV stations KSBW and KION, the Santa Cruz Sentinel, San Francisco Chronicle, and Monterey Herald.

Mark Carr, associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, was quoted in the Santa Barbara News Press in an article about a controversial plan to convert old oil rigs into artificial reefs. Carr coauthored a report from the UC Marine Council on "Ecological Issues Related to Decommissioning of California's Offshore Production Platforms."

Assistant professor of Earth sciences Erik Asphaug was widely quoted in stories about new images of the asteroid Eros obtained by the NEAR spacecraft. Asphaug wrote a commentary accompanying the publication of the images in the journal Nature. He was quoted in stories from the Washington Post, New York Times, USA Today, the Independent (London), Associated Press, U.P.I., Agence France Presse, and New Scientist magazine.

Rob Fairlie of economics was interviewed by a reporter from the Christian Science Monitor about immigrant entrepreneurs, and a reporter from American Demographics magazine quoted him on recent trends in self-employed business owners.

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