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October 15, 2001


Recipients of grad student awards named

By Jennifer McNulty

Economist David Kaun wanted to acknowledge the excellent instruction provided by many graduate students at UCSC, so last year he endowed an annual award that recognizes outstanding teaching by two graduate students.

Named after Kaun and the first recipients, the Milam-McGinty-Kaun Award for Distinguished Teaching honors graduate students in the fields of anthropology, economics, education, environmental studies, politics, psychology, and sociology. Each year, one recipient from economics and one student in another field receive $1,000 each.

Recipients of the 2001 award are Stacy Ropp of psychology and Rashmi Shankar of economics, who were honored at an annual Social Sciences Division breakfast last week. Ropp is in the social psychology doctoral program. Shankar earned her doctorate in economics this quarter after five years at UCSC.

Kaun established the awards last year with a $50,000 gift to the campus. The name of the award recognizes its first recipients, Garrett Milam and Matt McGinty of the doctoral program in economics, who were teaching assistants in Kaun's Intermediate Microeconomic Theory course.

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