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September 17, 2001

Making the News

The terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, D.C., prompted media calls to several UCSC faculty members, including psychology's Elliot Aronson, who was called by a New York Times reporter. The Santa Cruz Sentinel immediately tapped political scientists Ronnie Lipschutz and Dan Wirls, as well as political economist Alan Richards, for insights into the tragic events. Lipschutz and Richards appeared on KUSP's Talk of the Bay, and Lipschutz and economist David Kaun appeared on BTU-FM. On other subjects, Kaun spent an hour with host Mort Mecklosky on WUSB-FM, the SUNY at Stony Brook radio station, discussing the Bush administration's economic policies. Kaun was also interviewed by Max Prinzal of KPFA news on the same subject.

Erik Asphaug, assistant professor of Earth sciences, was a guest on National Public Radio's "Talk of the Nation/Science Friday," discussing how to defend the Earth against collisions with asteroids.

Economist Lori Kletzer figured prominently in the Santa Cruz Sentinel's recent coverage of the loss of manufacturing jobs locally, and she followed that up with an appearance on KSCO Radio. . . . Speaking of jobs, Dana Frank of American studies published an op-ed on Labor Day in the San Francisco Chronicle about the state of the labor movement in the country, and she also appeared on Santa Cruz community television. Her new book, Three Strikes, made the "Hot Type" section of the Chronicle of Higher Education and was reviewed by the Chicago Tribune.

Political scientist Michael Urban appeared twice on CNN in conjunction with the August anniversary of the 1991 coup in Russia. He also appeared on Russian radio's "A Foreign Body" show, an hour-long broadcast that invites foreign guests to discuss Russia "through the eyes of a foreigner."

The tsunami research of geophysicist Steven Ward continued to garner news coverage. Ward was interviewed on CNN about his recent analysis of the potential for a volcanic eruption to generate a tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean, and reports of his findings ran in many newspapers, including the Dallas Morning News and the Financial Times of London. Also, the San Francisco Chronicle ran a story about Ward's research on the potential for an undersea landslide to generate a tsunami in Monterey Bay.

Educational Partnership Center director Carrol Moran and students from the Early Academic Outreach Program appeared on KUSP Radio.

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