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September 17, 2001


John Brown Childs

John Brown Childs, professor of sociology, addressed the Conference on Small Arms session of the United Nations in July. Childs discussed urban gang violence and constructive grassroots peacemaking efforts by community organizations in the United States. Among the work he discussed were the efforts of groups such as Barrios Unidos in Santa Cruz, Milagros in Watsonville, and Stop the Violence/Institute the Peace in Inglewood.

Childs was invited to the United Nations as a partner in an international research team examining grassroots peacemaking in violent regions around the world. Organized by the Maryknoll Society, the partnership includes members from Northern Ireland, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Southern Sudan, Guatemala, and Rwanda. Childs's essay, "Places of Sense/Senses of Place: Peacemaking and the Positive Cultures Movement in U.S. Cities," will be published in the forthcoming book "Community Responses to Violence," from Orbis Press in 2002. Childs's own book on cooperation and peacemaking, entitled "Transcommunality: From the Politics of Conversion to the Ethics of Respect," is forthcoming from Temple University Press in 2002.

David Cope, Karlton Hester

UCSC music professor David Cope, and assistant professor Karlton Hester have been awarded the ASCAPLUS award by the American Society of Composers and Publishers for the year 2001. The ASCAPLUS is a cash award granted by ASCAP to support and encourage writers of serious music.

The award is made by an independent panel of music scholars and professionals and is based on the unique prestige value of each writer's catalog of original compositions, and the performance of those works in areas nor surveyed by ASCAP.

Thomas Pettigrew

Stanford University's Research Institute for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity has just appointed Thomas F. Pettigrew as a senior fellow. A research professor of social psychology, Pettigrew will continue to pursue his work on international intergroup relations at the institute.

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