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February 4, 2002


Bob Giges

Bernie McCoy (left) and Belle Demner McCoy
My Yiddishe Momme McCoy, a film by lecturer/staff member Bob Giges, will be showcased at the 12th San Diego Jewish Film Festival on Sunday, February 17. The 20-minute film, produced in 1991 at UCSC, was broadcast last year on University of California Television and is now part of its video-on-demand collection.

In My Yiddishe Momme McCoy, Giges provides an intimate portrait of his spirited 90-year-old grandmother, Belle Demner McCoy, and her struggle with the conflicts between family, religion, and love. Belle, raised an Orthodox Jew, was married for 50 years to Bernie McCoy, an Irish Catholic, who converted to Judaism. Through an interview with Belle, period photos, and Yiddish and American songs sung by Belle herself, the video offers a look at one person's attempt to reconcile tradition with assimilation.

See the film on the web with the help of RealPlayer at UCTV Video-on-Demand .

June Gordon

This fall, June Gordon, assistant professor of education, will be a visiting research professor at Tokyo University, where she will collaborate with colleagues to research the impact of immigrants and guest workers on the Japanese educational system. Gordon, who recently returned from a research trip to Japan and China, is conducting extended comparative research projects in central Japan, northern England, and California. Her work explores the impact of economic and political change on low-income and immigrant youth in urban schools. Her research in Japan is supported in part by a three-year grant from Monbusho, the Ministry of Education.

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