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July 3, 2000

Making the News

Professor of computer science David Haussler and his colleagues in the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering were featured in coverage by the Santa Cruz Sentinel and TV stations KSBW, KION, and KCBA of the Human Genome Project's completion of a "working draft" of the genome. Haussler's team, including biology graduate student Jim Kent, performed the computer analysis of the human genome data. Also quoted in the Sentinel article was CBSE assistant director Ann Pace. Chancellor Emeritus Robert L. Sinsheimer's role in initiating the proposal to decode the human genome was described in a New York Times article.

Psychology's Bill Domhoff was the focus of a major feature on dream research that appeared in Reuters Health.

KION (Channel 46) interviewed Julie Barrett Heffington, director of the Seymour Center at Long Marine Lab, for a story about the lab's "Whale of an Auction."

Articles in the San Francisco Chronicle and the Santa Cruz Sentinel about the most recent census of the California sea otter population featured the comments of adjunct professor of biology James Estes, coleader of the sea otter survey.

An interview with Manuel Pastor on the contemporary meaning of democracy appeared in the Austin American-Statesman. Pastor's colleague in Latin American and Latino studies, Jonathan Fox, was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about politics in Mexico, where presidential elections were scheduled for July 2.

Professor of physics Zack Schlesinger wrote an editorial for the San Jose Mercury News about the benefits of narrative evaluations.

An article in the Los Angeles Times about the effects of seawall construction along the California coast featured the comments of professor of earth sciences Gary Griggs. The article ran in several other newspapers, including the Contra Costa Times and the Portland Oregonian.

Professor of astronomy and astrophysics Steven Vogt was profiled in the Contra Costa Sun. The article includes anecdotes about Vogt's youth (he grew up in Lafayette), a glowing account of his accomplishments, and some imaginative descriptions of his scientific work. Vogt was also quoted in an Associated Press story that ran in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about objections by native Hawaiians to the construction of telescopes on Mauna Kea.

An item in USA Today described research on supermassive black holes conducted by Hubble postdoctoral fellow Karl Gebhardt and his collaborators. Gebhardt's findings were also reported in the New York Times.

The Salinas Californian ran a feature about a class of third graders who attended the Farm's Wildlands and Watering Cans summer day camp for children thanks to the generosity of a local resident who subsidized their participation and transportation.

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