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UCSC computer scientists analyze and assemble data for Human Genome Project

In an intensive effort over the past few months, UCSC researchers created a powerful new computer program and used it to assemble the "working draft" of the human genome announced last week by leaders of the international Human Genome Project (more). The working draft is now available on a UCSC web site (more).

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July 3-16, 2000
Vol. 5, No. 1

State budget invests in UC teaching, research, public service

Aída Hurtado attends White House meeting on Hispanic education

Need a good summer read? The experts have some tips

Summer construction continues with work on upper East Field, other projects

Cosmic art on display at Lick Observatory

Fitness buffs pledge allegiance to new Wellness Center

Conferences and camps keep UCSC busy for the summer

Oral history documents one of country's oldest women's health centers

Arboretum celebrates with art, New Zealand culture

Biology Department offers new 'ecology and evolution' major

UC President writes to lab managers and employees


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