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January 29, 2001

Making the News

The campus has enjoyed several major "media hits" recently, including Daniel Press in environmental studies, who made a case for residential solar panels in an op-ed that appeared in the San Jose Mercury News.

Research on minke whales by professor of ecology and evolutionary biology Daniel Costa and graduate student Jason Gedamke is featured in the February issue of National Geographic. In the magazine's "Update from the Field" section on National Geographic-sponsored research, a striking photo spread across two pages shows Gedamke diving alongside a dwarf minke whale.

Ellen Moir of the New Teacher Center participated in a post-inauguration panel discussion on KGO-TV about the future of education.

Economist Rob Fairlie's recent media exposure included the San Jose Mercury News, which covered the recent decline in self-employment.

Research on toxic algal blooms by Mary Silver, professor of ocean sciences, was the subject of stories that appeared in the Monterey County Herald, San Jose Mercury News, and Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Donald Matthews, visiting professor in American studies, was featured in an article regarding race and divisive local view points in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Sociology's Dane Archer stepped up to the plate and did an interview about the power crisis for National Public Radio's "Morning Edition"--from Hawaii, where he's on leave.

Political scientist Peter Euben participated in a recent three-day "Hollywood ethics" conference, covered by the Los Angeles Times.

Susanne Jonas of Latin American and Latino studies penned a letter about U.S. relations with Cuba that was published in the New York Times.

A crew flew in from Germany's Spiegel TV to interview psychology's Craig Haney about the Stanford Prison Experiment and treatment of inmates.

Bill Domhoff continues to research dreams and was quoted recently in a Los Angeles Times article.

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