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November 15, 1999

Making the News

Silicon Valley, the Sunday magazine of the San Jose Mercury News, profiled Chancellor Greenwood for a recent cover story. Starting out with her adventures playing laser tag and riding bumper cars with students during UCSC's back-to-school night at the Boardwalk, the feature went on to discuss weightier issues, such as UCSC's growth in the field of engineering, its expansion into Silicon Valley, and its academic plan for the next century. Also quoted for the story were Eli Hollander of film and digital media, community studies' Michael Rotkin and Mary Beth Pudup, engineering dean Patrick Mantey, and Bettina Aptheker of women's studies.

In her first week of teaching here, film and digital media's Amelie Hastie was interviewed on the subject of popular culture. The story appeared in Toronto's National Post and discussed new television programming that is much less youth-obsessed on the surface (featuring baby boomer-aged actors) but still deals with very teen-oriented subjects.

For a feature on the legendary Chicano poet and activist Alurista, San Jose's Metro turned to literature professor Kirsten Silva Gruesz for perspective. Gruesz was quoted extensively in the story, speaking on the stature of Alurista and the dynamics of the development of Chicano culture in California.

Dana Frank of American studies has been quoted several times during the recent debate in Santa Cruz City Council chambers over allowing a Borders bookstore to open up shop downtown. Frank's comments appeared in both the Santa Cruz County Sentinel and the San Jose Mercury News.

The dedication of the new University Town Center in downtown Santa Cruz drew the interest of local media. The story was covered by the San Jose Mercury News, the Santa Cruz County Sentinel, KSBW-Channel 8, and the Connection. Quoted in stories were Gesna Clarke of Housing, Dining, and Child Care Services, Terry Spice of UCSC Extension, and Chancellor Greenwood, who was quoted as saying, "This building is a concrete example--literally--of the revitalization of downtown Santa Cruz, which we very much want to be a part of."

The latest work of composer Hi Kyung Kim was the focus of a story that appeared in L.A.'s Korea Times.

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