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September 27, 1999

Making the News

Chancellor Greenwood was pictured on the front page of the Santa Cruz County Sentinel with Santa Cruz mayor Katherine Beiers and Assemblyman Fred Keeley in conjunction with a story on a new agreement between the the city and the university on transportation and housing.

Labor historian Dana Frank is making a splash with her new book, Buy American: The Untold Economic Story. As a result of the book, Frank has written editorials for both the Washington Post and the San Jose Mercury News. The story of her book has also been covered by the Chronicle of Higher Education, Belgium's Teek magazine, and Barron's magazine. A Web story appeared on the Fox Market Wire .

Education's Aida Walqui was quoted in an article in the Salinas Californian about the widespread need for bilingual education.

Theater Arts' Paul Whitworth was the subject of a lengthy feature on his latest work in SV Magazine, the Sunday feature magazine of the San Jose Mercury News.

ABC News made the trip to Santa Cruz to interview Gary Bloom of the New Teacher Center about his views regarding technology and education. Bloom says increased teacher training will be necessary if we hope to make the investment in classroom technology pay off.

An exhibit of the work of Bas Jan Ader at UCSC's Sesnon Art Gallery was featured in San Jose's Artweek magazine. The exhibit was curated by gallery director Shelby Graham.

Child Care Service's Michele Moser went on the air with a reporter from KCSN-Radio in Northridge to talk about government grants the program has received recently.

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