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January 3, 2000

Ring in 2000 with a workout: New Fitness Center opens

By Karin Wanless

If your New Year's resolution is to get fit and stay fit, you can be sure to keep it by taking advantage of the new Fitness Center at the East Field House.

The much anticipated center opens January 4 with two complete floors: one downstairs for classes and sport teams and a second upstairs for use on a drop-in basis.

Photo of Fitness Center
Checking out the stunning view from the new Fitness Center are Dan Wood, director of OPERS; Ryan Andrews, Fitness Center manager; and Eric Brideland, assistant manager (additional photo).
Photo: Karin Wanless
And you'll have no excuses that you don't know how to use workout machines, as there are numerous classes, personal trainers, videos, and--perhaps most exciting--Technogym machines that give you an individualized workout through a key with a computer chip that you insert into the machines.

"Technogym is the most sophisticated computerized workout system on the planet right now," said Dan Wood, director of the Office of Physical Education, Recreation, and Sports (OPERS).

There is no carrying cumbersome charts from station to station or hassling with hand-entering a workout onto a machine. All workout data is saved in a personalized database via the Technogym Smartkey and made available in a variety of easy-to-read reports so each user can see and track his or her own progress and improvement.

All you need to do is insert your Technogym Smartkey into the equipment display screen. Since your workout has already been programmed by a personal trainer or through an OPERS class instructor, the computer display will show you which machine to start with, and how many "reps" and sets you should do based on your individual capabilities. Then it will show you which piece of equipment you should go to next in your workout.

On cardiovascular machines, the intensity is adjusted based on feedback from your heart rate. On weight machines, Technogym will tell you which height to set your seat at, how much weight to load, and will guide you on the range of motion and timing of your reps. Technogym will automatically update you to a higher level or workout when you are ready.

While the floor downstairs is outfitted with Technogym, the floor upstairs is equipped with Cybex machines. Cybex machines are renowned for their anatomical correctness and have been used for years in rehabilitation centers.

All in all, the center has 12 treadmills, 8 upright bikes, 6 recumbent bikes, 7 elliptical machines, 4 stairsteppers, 2 rowing machines, and 2 upper body ergometers.

Each floor also has free weights and guided-motion weight machines.

In addition, the upper gym has large windows that offer stunning views of the Monterey Bay to keep you inspired during your workout.

Beginning and intermediate weight-training classes and strength-and-conditioning classes will be offered throughout the week.

New this quarter are the express workouts at lunch and after-work hours. On Monday and Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 p.m., there will be a 40-minute weight training circuit workout on the Technogym machines. And a back and abs lab will be held daily at 1 p.m. for ten minutes.

Starting spring quarter, classes will no longer be offered through Teleslug; instead, people should come the first day of class and a lottery will be held.

To use the Fitness Center, faculty, staff, students, and others must show an OPERS recreation card. The membership costs $71 per quarter or can be purchased annually at the beginning of each fiscal year.

For more information call (831) 459-3970 or visit the OPERS Web site.

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