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January 3, 2000


Virginia Jansen

Virginia Jansen, professor of art history, has been elected or appointed to a number of positions in the past year. She is serving a three-year term as a member of the Board of Directors of the Society of Architectural Historians and a one-year term on the society's nominating committee. She was selected to serve as mentor for the 1999 Career Development Workshop at the annual meeting of the College Art Association. She has been appointed to the Committee for Medieval Academy Reprint Texts [MART] of the Medieval Academy of America for a five-year term and has been elected to the Council of the Medieval Association of the Pacific for a three-year term.

Sharon Kinoshita

Sharon Kinoshita, associate professor of literature, has been elected to the Council of the Medieval Association of the Pacific for a three-year term.

Friends of Long Marine Laboratory Student Research Awards

The research projects of 23 undergraduate and graduate students received support this year from the Friends of Long Marine Laboratory Student Research Awards. The awards, totaling $8,900, support research projects conducted at Long Marine Laboratory or directed towards the understanding of some aspect of the Monterey Bay.

The Friends of Long Marine Lab Awards come from the interest generated by five different endowments: The Jane McHenry Endowment, the Lillian McPherson Rouse Endowment, the William Baye Heald Scholarship, the Friends of LML Endowment, and the Mark T. MacMillan Award, which is specifically set aside for research in marine biology.

The following projects received awards this year:

  • Peter Adams, graduate student, earth sciences: "Evaluation of wave energy delivery and dissipation along the Monterey Bay shoreline."

  • Arnold Ammann, graduate student, biology: "Patterns of reef fish settlement in relation to oceanographic conditions in the Monterey Bay: A novel approach."

  • Jennifer Brown, graduate student, marine biology: "Determining the importance of estuarine and coastal nursery habitats to the maintenance of Monterey Bay flatfish populations."

  • Jessica Chapman, undergraduate, earth sciences: "Laboratory and field development of a new method to reconstruct coastal water temperatures using Mg/Ca measurements of California mussel shells."

  • Scott Davis, graduate student, marine biology: "Abundance, Photo-identification, and movement patterns of the white shark, Carcharodon carcharias, at Año Nuevo Island."

  • Roslynn Dunn, undergraduate, marine biology: "Spatial analysis of coralline algae as a viable tool for paleoceanography."

  • Samantha Forde, graduate student, marine biology: "Interactions between recruitment intensity and post-recruitment processes: The effect of variation in recruit density on community structure."

  • Cynthia Hays, graduate student, marine biology: "Ecological consequences of genetic variation in seagrasses."

  • Rebecca Jacobs, graduate student, biology: "Investigating the adaptive bleaching hypothesis: The mechanism and consequences of coral bleaching."

  • Allison Luengen, graduate student, environmental toxicology: "Relationship between immune system responses and containment concentrations for two species of mussels (Mytilus californianus and Mytilus galloprovincialis/trossulus hybrids)."

  • Dawn Murray, graduate student, marine biology: "The importance of substrate types in the composition of rocky intertidal communities."

  • Dawn Noren, graduate student, marine biology: "Body reserve utilization strategies during the postweaning fast of northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris): Implications for survivorship."

  • Michael Orlando, undergraduate, marine biology: "Determination of gastric retention time in leopard sharks, Triakis semifasciata."

  • Rudy Ortiz, graduate student, marine biology: "Salt and water balance in the life history of naturally fasting northern elephant seal (Mirounga angustirostris) pups: Conservation vs. excretion."

  • Lesley Perg, graduate student, earth sciences: "Long-term sediment input to the Santa Cruz littoral cell: Using 10Be and 26Al as sediment tracers."

  • Jay Rehor, undergraduate, earth sciences: "Prehistoric resource usage and settlement patterns in Monterey Bay."

  • Colleen Reichmuth, graduate student, ocean sciences: "The role of meaningful acoustic signals in problem solving by California sea lions."

  • Daria Siciliano, graduate student, marine biology: "Hyperspectral remote sensing as a conservation tool for coastal and shallow marine ecosystems."

  • Brandon Southall, graduate student, ocean sciences: "Bioacoustics of northern elephant seals (Mirounga angustirostris) at Año Nuevo Island."

  • Douglas Steding, graduate student, environmental toxicology: "Measurements of low-level Hg species in rainwater and the atmosphere in Santa Cruz, California."

  • Diana Steller, graduate student, marine biology: "Investigations of coralline algae in multiple geographic environments."

  • Aradhna Tripati, graduate student, earth sciences: "Effects of the 1997-1998 El Niño on water chemistry and mussel shell growth in Monterey Bay."

  • Cope Willis, graduate student, earth sciences: "Delineating decadal to century scale trends for central California beaches."

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