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July 26, 2004

UCSC in the News

Gary Griggs, professor of Earth sciences and director of the Institute of Marine Sciences, was quoted in several stories about a project that has made publicly available on the web thousands of photos of the entire California coastline taken in 1972, along with a set of more recent photos from 2002 to 2004. Stories appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, Sacramento Bee, Contra Costa Times, Monterey County Herald, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Half Moon Bay Review, and L.A. City Beat.

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UPI covered anthropologist Adrienne Zihlman's latest findings, which suggest that the standard theory of human evolution--from chimp to Homo erectus to Homo sapiens--may be wrong.

In a story about reactions to Bill Cosby's comments on black youth, Newsday cited refutations by sociologist Mike Males, who said rates of violent crime, domestic abuse of women, and unwed teen mothers are declining among blacks, while rates of high school graduation and college enrollment are rising. Cosby's complaints, according to Males, are reminiscent of those from older whites who say relaxed attitudes among their children toward explicit language, sex, religion, and the work ethic threaten to unravel American culture. The story was picked up by the Oakland Tribune, the Alameda Times-Star, and other papers.

Biologist Terrie Williams and her new book, The Hunter's Breath: On Expedition with the Weddell Seals of the Antarctic, were featured in a long and well-illustrated story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

The New Teacher Center's stellar track record on teacher retention was the subject of a major Santa Cruz Sentinel article.

David Haussler, professor of biomolecular engineering, was quoted in a story in The Scientist magazine about the analysis of the mouse genome.

In a story about the black middle class, the Philadelphia Inquirer focused on work by economist Rob Fairlie to explain the relatively low rate of African American business ownership in the country.

Gary Glatzmaier, professor of Earth sciences, was quoted in a New York Times article about the possibility of a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field.

Professor of Earth sciences Andrew Fisher was featured in stories in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and Portland Oregonian about the inaugural expedition of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program on which Fisher is co-chief scientist.

Economist Nirvikar Singh was featured in a Network World article about moving jobs overseas. Offshoring is a positive trend because it reduces costs, and those bottom-line gains translate into opportunities to hire more people, perform other tasks, and reach new markets, he said. . . . Also in economics, Lori Kletzer was featured in a Kiplinger's Personal Finance article discussing the ways in which sending service jobs overseas can benefit consumers and the U.S. economy.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about Karen McNally, professor emerita of Earth sciences, receiving the University Medal from the National University of Costa Rica.

A Santa Cruz Sentinel story about UCSC's new Keck Isotope Laboratory included quotes from lab director Jugdeep Aggarwal and Interim Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Margaret Delaney.

The Denver Post called social psychologist Anthony Pratkanis to discuss the enduring popularity of Bill Clinton, whose current book tour is drawing enormous crowds.

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