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July 12, 2004

UCSC in the News

Linguistics professor Geoffrey Pullum was quoted in a Chicago Tribune article on the debate among linguists about whether animals can actually understand language.

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The Santa Cruz Sentinel tapped politics professor Dan Wirls for comment about John Kerry’s selection of Senator John Edwards as the Democratic candidate for vice president.

Sociologist Marcia Millman’s new book about sisters has been reviewed by the Washington Post and the San Jose Mercury News, and it was the subject of an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Millman was also interviewed by a San Jose Mercury News reporter about eating disorders.

Dateline NBC flew psychology’s Anthony Pratkanis to Phoenix for a recent interview about fraud crimes.

Following the death of Marlon Brando, the Los Angeles Times published a letter by Susanne Jonas of Latin American and Latino studies in which she described an hourlong phone conversation she had with the actor, who called her to discuss U.S. foreign policy in Central America after reading an opinion piece she wrote in 1999 for the Los Angeles Times about U.S. intervention in Guatemalan politics. Jonas was also quoted in a San Francisco Chronicle article about the 50th anniversary of the CIA coup in Guatemala. Jonas penned an op-ed about the coup for the Progressive Media Project, which distributes material on the Knight-Ridder wire. Her piece appeared in the Detroit Free Press, as well as other news outlets.

Monthly summaries of "UCSC in the News" columns


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