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Howard Hughes Medical Institute extends appointment of biologist Yishi Jin

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has extended the appointment of biologist Yishi Jin as an HHMI investigator. Jin, a professor of molecular, cell, and developmental biology, was appointed to an initial five-year term as a HHMI investigator in 2000. After a successful review earlier this year, her appointment will continue through August 2010.

Photo of Yishi Jin

Yishi Jin
UCSC Photo Services

Jin studies the development of the nervous system using the roundworm C. elegans as a model organism. Her lab was involved in the recent development of a new technique for studying nerve regeneration (see Currents story). Other projects in her lab include research on the genes that control development of motor neurons.

There are approximately 300 HHMI investigators at more than 60 universities, research institutes, and medical schools around the country. By appointing scientists as investigators, rather than awarding research grants, the HHMI is guided by the principle of "people, not projects." The investigators are HHMI employees who also maintain their faculty positions at their host institutions. In addition to Jin, UCSC's David Haussler, a professor of biomolecular engineering, is also a HHMI investigator.

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute is a nonprofit medical research organization dedicated to discovering and disseminating new knowledge in the basic life sciences.

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