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August 4, 2003

UCSC in the News

Astronomer Sandra Faber was quoted in two recent New York Times articles, one on the future of the Hubble Space Telescope and the other on recent findings from her research on the distribution of galaxies in the distant universe (the DEEP project). Faber was also interviewed recently for the widely distributed science radio program Earth and Sky. Astronomer David Koo, another member of the DEEP team, was quoted in stories about the team's new findings in the San Francisco Chronicle and North Hawaii News.

UPI quoted economist Lori Kletzer in an article about new research suggesting the American public is losing confidence in globalization because of a perceived threat to American jobs. Kletzer disagrees, saying trade plays a small role in domestic employment and that technological changes are more to blame for lost jobs.

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The Chronicle of Higher Education turned to Larry Merkley, vice provost for information technology, for an article about how California colleges are preparing to comply with a new state law requiring businesses, state agencies, and public and private higher-education institutions to notify consumers promptly if computers that contain their personal data have been compromised.

American studies professor Tricia Rose was interviewed by Michael Krasny on Forum, the live call-in radio program of San Francisco’s KQED Radio. Rose was also featured in an extensive profile that appeared in Metro Santa Cruz.

Roland Tharp of education and psychology was quoted in an article in the Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education about challenges to widespread predictions of a national teacher shortage.

The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Montreal Gazette,Victoria’s Times Colonist, and Santa Cruz Sentinel ran articles noting the passing of theater arts professor Mel Wong.

Dream research by psychology’s Bill Domhoff is being featured in an article in Galileu, a Brazilian science news magazine.

Astronomer Stephen Thorsett was featured in a story about his role in the discovery of the oldest known planet that ran in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and Salem Statesman Journal.

Psychology’s Anthony Pratkanis was interviewed by KION-TV about the release of photos of Saddam Hussein’s sons’ corpses. Earlier, the Ottawa Citizen newspaper and CFRA Radio contacted Pratkanis about the problems President Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair were having justifying the war.

The Weekly Standard quoted Cowell lecturer Tom Lehrer in an article about the new book, Seriously Funny: The Rebel Comedians of the 1950s and 1960, by Gerald Nachman. Lehrer was also cited in a Miami New Times article.

Graduate student Myra Finkelstein's research on lead poisoning of albatrosses at Midway Atoll was featured in a story in the Honolulu Advertiser.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported that associate professor of history Dilip Basu was honored with a Distinguished Service Award by the Cultural Association of Bengal for his efforts to preserve classic Bengali films.

History of consciousness professor Barbara Epstein contributed a piece on the antiwar movement to the July issue of the Monthly Review.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran an item about Jean Langenheim, professor emerita and research professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, and the publication of her new book on plant resins.

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