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February 23, 2004

UCSC in the News

Jakarta's Kompas, the top Indonesian newspaper, featured an in-depth interview with theater arts professor Kathy Foley, and the Bandung, Indonesia, papers Pikiran Rakyat and Metro had articles on her lecture-performance at the Sunaryo gallery in Bandung which shared aspects of her Fulbright supported research.

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An article in the New York Times about dark energy and its implications for the fate of the universe included a quote from Sandra Faber, University Professor of astronomy and astrophysics.

Professor of history Bruce Levine contributed a book review to the Chicago Tribune about a historical scholar’s new perspective on Abraham Lincoln.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a story about the new Department of Biomolecular Engineering, quoting acting chair David Deamer, professor of chemistry and biochemistry. The San Jose Business Journal also reported on the new department.

History professor Dana Frank was quoted in AAA World magazine about the politics of "Buy American" campaigns.

Biologists Janet Linthicum and Glenn Stewart of the Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group were featured in a story about peregrine falcons in the Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Dan Costa, professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, was quoted in an article in The Scotsman and in National Geographic News about his collaborative research project called Tagging of Pacific Pelagics, which aims to tag and track the movements of more than 20 different species of marine life.

A San Francisco Chronicle article about a new arts education program in Bay Area elementary schools described a classroom discussion of a photograph taken by assistant professor of art Lewis Watts.

Writing Program lecturer Tim Fitzmaurice was quoted in a San Jose Mercury News article about the Santa Cruz City Council’s decision to approve a new ride at the city’s historic beach boardwalk.

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