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June 9, 2003

Students honored at Achievement Awards ceremony

Outstanding students received special recognition on Friday, June 6, with the Student Achievement Awards. The event at the University Center was the culmination of UCSC's annual Student Achievement Week.

Awards and scholarships included:

The Steck Award, honoring the finest senior thesis completed during an academic year, went to engineering student Ian Turner. Turner's thesis, "An Automated Mass Transit Trip Planner," will be bound, and eight copies printed. The award, which includes $1,000, was presented by Loren Steck. The award is open to all academic divisions, and the winner is chosen from the Chancellor’s Award candidates.

The Fulbright Program selected Sam Alexander. Congress created the Fulbright Program in 1946 to foster mutual understanding among nations through educational and cultural exchange. Senator J. William Fulbright, sponsor of the legislation, saw it as a step toward building an alternative to armed conflict. The U.S. Student Program awards approximately 1,000 grants annually and currently operates in over 140 countries. The program conducts an annual competition for the scholarships, most of which are for one academic year of study or research.

The Donald A. Strauss Scholarship went to Marcia Winslade. The Strauss Foundation awards scholarships to students from selected four-year California colleges and universities who have demonstrated an interest in public service, have outstanding leadership potential, and are in the upper one-third of their class.

The Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship was given to Stephanie Anastasia of Physical & Biological Sciences. The Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship is awarded to a graduating UCSC senior who has been accepted to graduate school and shows the most promise as a future scientist in one of the disciplines of biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, or physics.

Deans’ & Chancellor’s Awards: These awards recognize outstanding achievements by undergraduate students within an academic division (Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical & Biological Sciences, Social Sciences). Ten Deans’ Awards are given to students within each division. Of those students, up to three in each division can be selected to receive a Chancellor’s Award.

John Simpson, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, served as emcee and presented the Chancellor's Awards at the awards ceremony. Lynda J. Goff, Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education, announced the winners of the Strauss Scholarship and the Thimann Award. Student speakers were Winnie Chan and MaryJane Skjellerup. The Deans of each Academic Division presented the deans' awards.

Students honored were:

Muhammad Abbasi: Regents Scholar
Muhammad Farhan Abbasi: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Frances Adachi: Regents Scholar
Erica Allen: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Max Bell Alper: Deans’ & Chancellor's Awards
Stephanie Anastasia: Deans’ Award & Thimann Scholarship
Isaac Anderson Grosvenor Cooper Memorial Music Scholarship
Laura Anderson: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award
Erika Angel: Doug Drexler Chemistry Scholarship
Morpheus Anima: Earthbound Farm Environmental Stewardship Award
Margaret Atcheson: Friends of Long Marine Lab
Patricia Atrian-Cruz: CUIP '02-03
Belem Avila: MARC Fellowship '03-04
Mercy Barrera: CUIP '02-03
Camille Pauline: Bateman Regents Scholar
Anne-Marie Becker: Regents Scholar
Vanessa Bel: Regents Scholar
Auri Berg: Deans’ Award
Peter Bergstrom: Deans’ Award
Irina Berkon: CUIP '02-03
Charlie Bernatowicz: Regents Scholar
Vanessa Mae Biggers: Regents Scholar
Stacey Marie Bixby: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Tagan Blake: Regents Scholar
Lucia Blanchet-Fricke: Regents Scholar
Ryan Bolich: Deans’ Award
Michael Booth: Regents Scholar
Maria Anna Borja: Deans’ Award
Julio Borrero: Regents Scholar
Kelly Brenner: CUIP '02-03
Eric Broberg: Regents Scholar
Chris Brown: Concur Award
Autumn-Pearl Buniger: Buniger Regents Scholar
Juan Caballero: Regents Scholar
Carlos A. Cabrera: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Jacob Cabrera: CUIP '02 -03
April Cadavona: CUIP '02 -03
Sue Campbell: Richard Cooley Award
Diana Carreno: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Daniel Casey: Regents Scholar
Ross James Centers: Regents Scholar
Melissa Chan: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award
Winnie Chan: Deans’ Award
Jered Chaney: Weber Holt Grant
Conrad Chang: Regents Scholar
Jered Cheney: NAGT
Amanda Chiampi: SCCIE Undergrad. Research Award
Stephanie Chiu: Regents Scholar
Claire Christensen: Deans’ & Chancellor's & Carol Freeman Leadership Awards & Regents Scholar
Jean-Paul Clark: C. Fiore Chemistry Prize
Marie Cole: Regents Scholar
Serena Coltrane-Briscoe: Regents Scholar
Matthew Colvin: SCCIE Undergrad. Research Award
David Combs: Regents Scholar
Jeremy Copperman: Regents Scholar
David Corbett: Regents Scholar
Jonathan Cornell: Regents Scholar
Elizabeth Cornwall: Regents Scholar
Kathryn Cornwell: CUIP '02 -03
Angelica Magdalena Correa: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Janelle Crane: Regents Scholar
Andrew Crane-Droesch: Regents Scholar
Heather Crice: Regents Scholar
Mike Cross: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Jennifer Curl: Regents Scholar
Alison Dailey: Regents Scholar
Raziel Davison: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award
Jesse Day: Regents Scholar
Julia De Guzman: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Kelly De La Torre: MARC Fellowship '03-04
Fabiola Delgadillo: Regents Scholar
Holly Demeter: Regents Scholar
Eric Deschenes: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Monica Deza: Regents Scholar
Katy Doctor: Mark T. MacMillan Prize
Mareshia Donald: MARC Fellowship '03-04
Nick Douglas: Deans’ Award, J. Bunnett Research Prize
Nikki Duplessis: CUIP '02-03
Sarah Dwiggins: Regents Scholar
Nikolaus Dyer: Regents Scholar
Michael David Eccleston: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Crystal Sabrina Elcon: Regents Scholar
Laura Elli: CUIP '02 -03
Ian Ellis: CUIP '02 -03
Sara Emery: Nancy Pascal Field Study Scholarship
Vanessa Enriquez-Rios: MARC Fellowship '03-04
Andre Epstein: Regents Scholar
Tenai Eugen: MARC Fellowship '03-04
Janelle Evans: Regents Scholar
Sara Finley: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award & Regents Scholar
Alexis Fisher: Regents Scholar
Megan Fissel: Regents Scholar
Benjamin Fliegel: Regents Scholar
Joel Ford: UCSC Endowment for Classical Music Scholarship
Scott Foster: Joseph F. Bunnett Research Prize
Erin Fox: James Stuart Chanley Scholarship
Rebecca Fraynt: Regents Scholar
Elias French: Regents Scholar
Jeffrey Freschl: Plantronics Scholarship & Regents Scholar
Jonathan Froehlich: Sol & Esther Draznin Award
Michelle Fuller: Mark T. MacMillan Prize
Christina Garafola: Regents Scholar
Ryan Gastelum: CUIP '02 -03
Whelan Gilkerson: Mark T. MacMillan Prize
Daphne Gille: Regents Scholar
Mari Gilmore: Holly Day Barnett Memorial Scholarship
Emily Goers: Roche Bioscience Prize
Randy Goetz: Weber Holt Grant
Alexa Goldstrom: Regents Scholar
Andrea Gottlieb: Regents Scholar
Sonja Graves: Regents Scholar
Katherine Green: Regents Scholar
Krystal Green: Weber Holt Grant
Benjamin Grube: Regents Scholar
Alice Grunstra: Regents Scholar
Berta Rosa Guillen: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Roni Habib: Deans’ Award
Nela Hadzic: Nancy Pascal Field Study Scholarship
Blaise Hamel: Kretschmer & David Kaun Music Scholarships
Remi Hamel: Hortense Zuckerman Prize, Skolnick Music Scholarship, Regents Scholar
Ryan Harms: Regents Scholar
Richard Harris: Deans’ Award
Alexis Harrison: Regents Scholar
Kevin Hart: Regents Scholar
Stacy Hartman: Regents Scholar
Naomi Hartman: Kretschmer & Resident String Scholarships
Brian Havener: Regents Scholar
Lucas Heheman: Regents Scholar
Andrew Heling: C. Fiore Chemistry Prize
Lindsey Hemrick: CUIP '02 -03
Stephane Herbert-Fort: Regents Scholar
Amando Hernandez: MARC Fellowship '03-04
James Gregory Herrera: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Erica Anne Hertzog: Regents Scholar
Nicole-Marie Hetzer: Regents Scholar
Nathan Holland: Weber Holt Grant
Mufaddal Hotelwala: HUGRA
Elena Marie Innes: Regents Scholar
Ariel Jacobs: Regents Scholar
Nicholas Javier: CUIP '02-03
Eden Jequinto: CUIP '02-03
Zachary Jereb: Regents Scholar
Jenny Jiang: Deans’ & Chancellor's & Cassius Ellis Memorial Award
Jessica Johnson: Nancy Pascal Field Study Scholarship
Michele Johnson: Regents Scholar
Talitha Johnson: Regents Scholar
Alex Jones: HUGRA
Charlotte Jones: Regents Scholar
Tremain Pele Jones: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Jamillah Jordan: Nancy Pascal Field Study Scholarship
Rachel Kaufman: Regents Scholar
Dawn Kedar: Nancy Pascal Field Study Scholarship
Kimlin McDaniel Keith: CUIP '02-03
Lauren Kennedy: Regents Scholar
Morgan Kilgour: Regents Scholar
Holly Kindsvater: Deans’ Award & Regents Scholar
Kristen King: UCSC Endowment for Classical Music Scholarship
Nicholas Kleeman-Keller: Regents Scholar
Lenne Klingaman: Regents Scholar
Jonathan Kniss: Regents Scholar
Benjamin Kohler-Crowe: Regents Scholar
Eric Kollars: Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Ross Kouzes: Regents Scholar
Maximilian Krochmal: Regents Scholar
Merrill Kruger: CUIP '02-03
Steve Kuhn: Deans’ Award
Evan Kuluk: Regents Scholar
Tracey Kwong: Regents Scholar
Joel Lafall: MARC Fellowship '03-04
Jonathan Laslett: Mark T. MacMillan Prize
Mark Lawler: Regents Scholar
Michelle Lee: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Roger Lee: CUIP '02-03
Tania Lee: CUIP '02-03
Brittany Lehman: Deans’ Award
Stacy Leung: CUIP '02-03
Katrina Leupp: Regents Scholar
Heather Levin: Deans’ Award
Burton Li: Regents Scholar
Bentley Lim: Deans’ & Chancellor's & Thimann Award, Doug Drexler Chemistry Scholarship
John Linkhart: Regents Scholar
Gabriel Littman: UC LEADS scholar
Brooke Lober: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Jessica Lopez: Regents Scholar
Elma Lorenzo-Blanco: Regents Scholar
Marisa Louie: Regents Scholar
Allison Lynn: Regents Scholar
Robert MacKnight: IGPP Research Award & CODEP
Noam Manor: Regents Scholar
Ryan Marenger: Regents Scholar
Roark Marsh: Regents Scholar
Carrie Maseredjian: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Bonny Masters: Regents Scholar
Tim McLynch: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Claire McMurty: Regents Scholar
Jamie McPike: SCCIE Undergrad. Research Award
Jason Meadows: Regents Scholar
Paul Mellentine: Deans’ Award
Isaac Menash: Deans’ Award & Dante Essay Prize
Yesenia Mendez: CUIP '02-03
Lyal Michel: Deans’ Award
Daniel Miffin: Regents Scholar
Anna Mitchell: Regents Scholar
Satoko Miyoshi: Nancy Pascal Field Study Scholarship
Jennifer Mo: Regents Scholar
Jenna Moore: Regents Scholar
Eva Morales: Regents Scholar
Teresa Morales: CUIP '02-03
Brandon Morinaka: Roche Bioscience Prize
Fiona Morris: Regents Scholar
Dana Morton: Regents Scholar
Basmah Mourad: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award
Million Negassi: Deans’ Award
Lewis Nerenberg: Regents Scholar
Shaden Nersh: Regents Scholar
Liv Nevin: Deans’ Award
Aric Newlon: SCCIE Undergrad. Research Award
Kelly Nguyen: UC LEADS scholar
Lily Nguyen: Regents Scholar
Tam Nguyen: UC LEADS scholar
Vien-Phuong Nguyen: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award
Lauren Noble: Regents Scholar
Justin Aaron Noel: Regents Scholar
John Olsen: Regents Scholar, W.H.& S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Anselmo Ontiveros: UC LEADS scholar
Matthew Orique: Regents Scholar
Zachary Orman: Regents Scholar
Dawn Osborn: Friends of Long Marine Lab
Jeffrey Otter: Regents Scholar
Victoria Paal: CUIP '02-03
Gerardo Palafox: CUIP '02-03
Graham Parks: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award & Regents Scholar
Anne Partmann: Weber Holt Grant
Anton Patzner: Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Mark Pauley: Regents Scholar
Loren Peabody: Deans’ Award
Rachel Peavier: Weber Holt Grant
Baker Peeples: Kretschmer & Classical Music Scholarships
Teodora Peeva: Kretschmer Scholarship & String Ensemble
Melissa Perera: John P. Lynch Award
Lori Phillips: Regents Scholar
Gina Pieters: CUIP '02-03
Sarah Pinneo: Regents Scholar
Shelby Polakoff: CUIP '02-03
Adrienne Posner: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award
Nat Prapasiri: Deans’ Award
David Price: SCCIE Undergrad. Research Award
Elias Quinn: HUGRA & Regents Scholar
Duncan Ralph: Regents Scholar
Eloisa Ramos: Regents Scholar
Alexis Ramos: Deans’ Award
Charles Rankin: Deans’ Award, Thimann Scholarship & Regents Scholar
Christopher Rath: Roche Bioscience Prize, Regents Scholar
Elizabeth Rees: Deans’ Award, CUIP
Lucy-Kate Reeve: Regents Scholar
Nicholas Reeves: C. Fiore Chemistry Prize
Douglas Rennie: Regents Scholar
Aaron Requiro: Deans’ Award
Nicholas Reynolds: Regents Scholar
D'nia Richards: CUIP '02-03
Megan Richards: Regents Scholar
Kate Richerson: Regents Scholar
Carolyn Riggs: Deans’ Award, Regents Scholar
Neal Miller Riordan: Regents Scholar
Megan Rippy: Regents Scholar
Amanda Rishel: Regents Scholar
Allisa Rivara: CUIP '02-03
Anna Robbert: Regents Scholar
Sara Anne Roberts: Deans’ Award, Roche Bioscience Prize
Lauren Romse: Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Angela Rosales: CUIP '02-03
Lynsey Rosen: Regents Scholar
Nicole Rossi: Regents Scholar
Daniel Roth: Regents Scholar
Eric Rowland: Regents Scholar
Samantha Olivia Sadlowski: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Andrea Salazar: CUIP '02-03
Janine Salinas: Deans’ Award
Benjamin Samuel: Regents Scholar
Joseph Sarabia: Regents Scholar
Victoria Schirado: Regents Scholar
Rosa Schneider: Regents Scholar
Julia Schoellenbach: Regents Scholar
Robin Schuett-Hames: Deans’ Award
Emma Schutz Fort: Regents Scholar
Marie Schwarz: Regents Scholar
Kimberly Seiferheld: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Sheila Semaan: UC LEADS scholar
Meaghan Shanahan: CUIP '02-03
Alexandra Shaw: Deans’ Award
Emily Sievers: Barry M. Goldwater & Regents Scholar
Sage Silva: Regents Scholar
Chad Sisemore: Regents Scholar
Mary Jane Skjellerup: CUIP '02 -03
Jesse Skorupa: Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Eva Smith: Regents Scholar
Kasey Smith: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Lauren Sorensen: Deans’ Award
Starry Dawn Sprenkle: Richard Cooley Award, Regents Scholar
Shad Stack: Regents Scholar
Jeremy Stolarz: Regents Scholar
Danile Strain: Regents Scholar
Kaila Sughrue: Regents Scholar
Meghan Sullivan: Regents Scholar
John Swanson: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Sean Tamarisk: Regents Scholar
Nicole Tanenbaum: SCCIE Undergrad. Research Award
Emily Celeste Taylor: Regents Scholar
Evynne Testa-Avila: Regents Scholar
Monica Thomas: SCCIE Undergrad. Research Awards W-S
Jennifer Thompson: Regents Scholar
Yvette Torres: CUIP '02 -03
Adrienne Traubenik: Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Annie Tucker: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Kathleen Tuite: Regents Scholar
Ian Turner: Deans’ and Chancellor's Award and Huffman Prize
John Turner: SCCIE Undergrad. Research Award
Naomi Turner: Regents Scholar
Emily Underwood: Outstanding Woman Geoscientist
Rachel Utzinger: Regents Scholar
Alexia Valdes: Regents Scholar
Ember Van Allen: Regents Scholar
Arend van der Zande: Kenneth & Ann Thimann Scholarship
Kimberly Van Kirk: Regents Scholar
Azucena Varela: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Veronica Vasquez: Deans’ Award
Kevin Waggoner: Regents Scholar
Douglas Wahl: Plantronics Award
Diana Wakimoto: Regents Scholar
Ian Walker: Regents Scholar
Sara Walls: Regents Scholar
Britt Walsh: Regents Scholar
Ruby Wara-Goss: Regents Scholar
Paul Ward: Regents Scholar
Eric Waters: Regents Scholar
Matthew Waxman: CUIP '02 -03
Alex Webster: Regents Scholar
Kevin Wei: Regents Scholar
Aura Weinbaum: Regents Scholar
Evan Weiss: Regents Scholar
Maya Weltman-Fahs: Regents Scholar
Rebekah Werth: HUGRA
Emily Wesolowski: Regents Scholar
Nathan Wetzel: Regents Scholar
Phillip Wheeler: Regents Scholar
Brian White: Household Finance Award
Sloane Wiktorowicz: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award, Regents Scholar
Michael Williams: SCCIE Undergrad. Research Award
Bernadette Wilson: Deans’ & Chancellor's Award
Lia Wilson: Regents Scholar
Thea Wilson: Ellen Renard Memorial Scholarship
Jamie Wine: Surfrider....Skye Ksander Memorial Award
Marcia Winslade: Donald Strauss Scholarship
Andrew Wiser: Regents Scholar
Cody Wofsy: Regents Scholar
Jessica Woletz: Regents Scholar
Aaron Wolf: Elmer A. Fridley Scholarship & Regents Scholar
Justine Wolitzer: CUIP '02-03
Joshua Wong: UCSC Endowment for Classical Music Scholarship
Jason Woodcock: NAGT
Lisa M. Woodhouse: Karl S. Pister L.O.A.
Claire Woods: W.H. & S.B. Irwin Scholarship
Evan Wulf: Regents Scholar
Justin Wyckoff: Deans’ Award
Morgan Wyenn: CUIP '02-03
Maliha Zaidi: Regents Scholar
Brian Zavisza: Horatio Alger Scholarship
Vera Zelichenok: Kretschmer Music Scholarship recipient

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