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October 30, 2000

Making the News

The Monterey County Herald ran a story about UCSC researchers who are monitoring oceanographic conditions and marine life in Monterey Bay. Donald Croll, assistant professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, and research biologist Baldo Marinovic were both quoted in the story.

David Wellman of community studies was the subject of a lengthy profile in the Oakland Tribune following his expert testimony in a race discrimination lawsuit against Cal State Hayward.

Douglas Lin, professor of astronomy and astrophysics, was quoted in the San Jose Mercury News in an article about the strange, dim objects recently discovered in the constellation Orion. Astronomers are unsure whether the objects are planets or failed stars, and Lin suggested they may be planets that got kicked out of the solar systems in which they formed

Manuel Pastor was quoted in a Dallas Morning News story about the disproportionate number of toxic chemical-producing factories along the Alameda Corridor in Los Angeles, a heavily minority district where half the city's public housing is concentrated.

Adjunct professor of physics Michael Riordan was widely quoted in stories about Jack Kilby, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics, who was a major figure in Riordan's recent book Crystal Fire: The Birth of the Information Age. Riordan was interviewed by the New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News, and National Public Radio.

Politics prof Dan Wirls provided postdebate analysis for the Santa Cruz Sentinel following a recent presidential debate.

John Dizikes, professor emeritus of American studies, received a favorable review of his new book, Yankee Doodle Dandy: The Life and Times of Tod Sloan, in the New York Times Book Review.

Chadwick Garden Manager Orin Martin appeared on Entertainment Tonight in a story about a new restaurant being opened in Los Angeles by Harrison Ford's son-in-law.

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