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New oral history reflects on the evolution of Santa Cruz cultural life

Photo of Bud KretschmerA new oral history on a prominent member of the Santa Cruz music world has just been released by the Regional History Project of the University Library. In the volume, Ernest T. "Bud" Kretschmer reflects on the significant local cultural developments of the last decade and his role in those events (more).

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July 17-30, 2000
Vol. 5, No. 2

UCSC names NASA Ames Research Park as preferred site for Silicon Valley Center

Ecologist contributes to congressional report on fishery management

Drop in at the Seymour Marine Discovery Center for fun and informative activities

Task force completes academic planning for regional center; issues report

Biology Department splits to form two new departments

Summer construction continues with multiple projects under way

English Language Institute attracts Egyptian educators to Santa Cruz

Working draft of human genome sequence now publicly available on UCSC web site


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