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'Race and the Crisis: A Conversation in the Aftermath of 9/11'

By Jennifer McNulty

Angela Davis will participate in a two-hour panel discussion on "Race and the Crisis: A Conversation in the Aftermath of September 11," on Wednesday, October 17, at 8 p.m. in the Holy Cross Parish Hall, 170 High Street, in Santa Cruz.

Davis, a longtime political activist and a professor of history of consciousness at UCSC, will be joined by Maha ElGenaidi, founder and executive director of the Islamic Networks Group, and Bob Wing, a veteran political analyst and founding editor of Colorlines, a national magazine devoted to covering communities of color. John Brown Childs, a UCSC sociology professor who specializes in race and social action, will offer a reading.

"There is growing concern about the implications of September 11 for people of color in the United States," said Manuel Pastor, a professor of Latin American and Latino studies at UCSC and director of the campus's Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community (CJTC), one of the groups sponsoring the event. "There are emerging questions about discrimination and racial profiling of Muslims and Arab Americans, hate crimes, and tolerance. People are anxious for information."

In addition, the panelists will discuss the domestic implications of the crisis for other communities of color, such as the derailing of potential immigration reform that had been on the agenda with Mexico's President Vicente Fox.

"This has made all of us aware of how little we know about Muslims in the United States and how marginalized they have been from mainstream politics," said Pastor. "The implications of September 11 will haunt us for quite some time. These are issues of concern to all Americans."

The moderated panel discussion will be followed by a public question-and-answer period. It is being sponsored by the Ad Hoc Faculty Working Group on Current Events, the Institute for Humanities Research, the Center for Cultural Studies, the Center for Global, International & Regional Studies, the CJTC, the Divisions of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Office of the Chancellor. For more information or directions, call (831) 459-5743 or (831) 459-5655.

The event is offered in conjunction with a City of Santa Cruz town meeting about the September 11 attacks that will begin at 6 p.m. in the Civic Auditorium in downtown Santa Cruz.

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