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July 19, 1999

Making the News

Dream researchers from all over the globe converged on UCSC recently for their annual meeting, drawing the attention of writers and producers from the Associated Press, ABC's Good Morning America,ABCNEWS.com, Dateline NBC, the New York Times, CBS Radio in New York, NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday, which interviewed UCSC's Veronica Tonay, KCBS Radio, Public Radio International, KSL Radio in Salt Lake, KMTT Radio in Seattle, and KXJZ Radio in Sacramento. Local coverage included a story in the Monterey County Herald, and shows on KUSP and KSCO Radio. Television crews from KION-TV and KSBW-TV covered the conference, too. And if your computer has Real Audio capabilities, you can listen to Tonay's interview on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday. Download RealPlayer audio.

Professor of biology Burney Le Boeuf was interviewed on KTVU (Channel 2, Oakland) for a news story about a research project in which Le Boeuf, an expert on elephant seals and other pinnipeds, is teaming up with shark expert Peter Klimley of UC Davis to study shark predation on elephant seals at Año Nuevo Island.

Even as she faced a major book deadline, Susanne Jonas of Latin American and Latino studies penned an op-ed about the political crisis in Guatemala, and the Christian Science Monitor ran the piece.

As the season gears up for Shakespeare Santa Cruz, feature stories are popping up like Dead Heads at a tie-dye convention. Spreads have appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, Santa Cruz County Sentinel, Good Times, Monterey County Herald, Metro Santa Cruz, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among others. On the air, the story has been covered by KION-TV, KCBA-TV and KUSP Radio. Among those speaking to the media are SSC managing director Paul Hammond and artistic director Paul Whitworth.

The UCSC-based summer institute offered by the California Reading and Literacy Project to teachers of reading caught the eye of the Santa Cruz County Sentinel, which featured the program and quoted director Marlin Adams in a weekly education column. KSBW-TV also showed up on campus to cover the story. . . . Speaking of summer programs, the San Jose Mercury News got on the bandwagon and covered the story of the bilingual LASERS summer school in Salinas.

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