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UCSC observing station will link UC astronomers to Keck Telescopes

A remote observing facility nearing completion at UCSC will enable astronomers to operate the powerful Keck Telescopes (pictured atop Mauna Kea in Hawaii) without leaving the mainland. The new facility will be especially useful for astronomers conducting short observing runs, as almost half of the observing runs on the Keck Telescopes are for one night or half a night. (More)

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May 29-June 4, 2000
Vol. 4, No. 40

Student protest delays discussion of narratives until fall quarter

Faculty, staff team up to produce new book on affirmative action

Educators pool resources to get more kids on the path to college

Learning Indian music from the master

Staff brown bag lunch and discussion on June 6

Center for Justice, Tolerance, and Community sponsors first lecture

Accountability is key to new higher education partnership


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