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Video cameras reveal marine mammals take a laid-back approach to deep diving

Image of dolphinFor years scientists have puzzled over the ability of dolphins, seals, and other marine mammals to perform long, deep dives that seem to exceed their aerobic capacities. Now, with the help of sophisticated instruments and video technology, a team of researchers has resolved the paradox and discovered a laid-back diving strategy that appears to be widespread among marine mammals. (More)

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April 10-16, 2000
Vol. 4, No. 33

UCSC graduate wins Pulitzer Prize for investigative journalism

Senate's vote on grades goes to 'mail ballot'

UCSC sends out admissions letters to high school seniors

UC admits 42,000 students for fall 2000

Course on museums and memorials looks at what's on display--and what's not

Careful exercise can facilitate recovery from injury

UC joins Worker Rights Consortium on trial basis


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