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Physicists, astronomers work on space-based gamma ray telescope

Image of telescopeUCSC scientists are now involved in several aspects of NASA's Gamma ray Large Area Space Telescope (GLAST), scheduled for launch in 2005. After years of planning and evaluation of proposals, NASA announced in February the main investigations on which the project will focus. The Santa Cruz Institute for Particle Physics (SCIPP) will take the lead in designing and building one of the principal components of the instrument, and a proposal by associate professor of astronomy and astrophysics Stephen Thorsett was chosen as one of four "interdisciplinary scientist investigations" to broaden the scientific expertise involved in the project. (More)

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March 20-26, 2000
Vol. 4, No. 30

T.A. strike called off by United Auto Workers

Campus bicyclists get extra boost with new bike shuttles

Traffic alert: Street closures on campus

Cheerful crowds celebrate opening of Seymour Center

Alumni, undergraduate researchers makes 'UC Day' a success

More summer classes one key to UC enrollment plans

UC honors 'legislators of the year'


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