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January 31, 2000

Making the News

Professor emeritus of astronomy and astrophysics Donald Osterbrock was mentioned in the New York Times for his leading role on a panel of astronomers who chose the most important papers of the 20th century for a centennial issue of The Astrophysical Journal and The Astronomical Journal.

UCSC Foundation Trustee Hal Hyde was profiled in the Mid-County Post, which chose him as the paper's 1999 Man of the Year. The article credited Hyde with being "one of the architects of education in the county" and described his 40-plus years of advocacy on behalf of Cabrillo College and UCSC, as well as his work helping immigrant children complete high school and go on to higher education.

Sociologist Dane Archer made the Santa Cruz County Sentinel's story about local residents who were members of the same Yale University fraternity as presidential candidate George W. Bush.

Research by Lisa Sloan and James Zachos, both associate professors of earth sciences, was the subject of an article in the Dallas Morning News. The story described findings by Sloan, Zachos, and others regarding a period 55 million years ago when global warming caused temperatures to soar and dramatically affected life on earth.

Television stations KCBA, KION, and KSMS were eager to cover the New Teacher Center's symposium on teacher quality in Monterey last week.

Photos of Slug basketball players Chad Wells and Jason Semanisin accompanied an article in the Santa Cruz County Sentinel about the Slugs 72-68 victory over arch rival UC San Diego January 22.

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