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Dominy wins prestigious Packard Fellowship

photo of Nathaniel Dominy

Nathaniel Dominy, a gifted young anthropologist at UC Santa Cruz, has received a prestigious $625,000 Packard Fellowship for Science and Engineering to support his pioneering study of human evolution. The fellowship is one of the nation's highest honors for young faculty members. [More]

Bright idea: Campus to give away energy-efficient lightbulbs

students will hand out free fluorescent lightbulbs

UCSC and PG&E are teaming up to join the Energy Star Change a Light, Change the World Campaign, a national movement to encourage people to help make a difference one energy-saving step at a time. During October, the campus will give away up to 5,000 compact fluorescent lightbulbs donated by PG&E. [More]

Lizard mating game may have deep evolutionary roots

photo of three lizards held by researcher

An intricate three-way mating struggle first observed in a species of North American lizard has been discovered in a distant relative, the European common lizard. The two species are separated by 5,000 miles and 175 million years of evolution, yet they share behavioral and reproductive details right down to the gaudy colors of the males, according to new research published in the November issue of American Naturalist. The lead author of the piece is Barry Sinervo, UCSC professor of ecology and evolutionary biology. [More]