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August 27, 2007

UCSC in the News

Computer scientist Luca de Alfaro continues to make headlines for developing a program that color-codes Wikipedia text to indicate its reliability, with stories appearing in the London Times, Jerusalem Post, the German magazine Spiegel, and the web site Boing Boing.

Physicist Abe Seiden was quoted in a Chicago Tribune article about plans for a new particle accelerator at Fermilab.

Biochemist David Deamer was quoted in an AP story about artificial life that ran in the Halifax Herald (Canada) and in an article about the origins of life on

The San Francisco Chronicle and Santa Cruz Sentinel ran obituaries for Gurdon Woods, the sculptor and visionary arts educator who helped establish the UCSC Art Department.

An article about high-tech animal tracking in Cosmos magazine featured biologists Daniel Costa and Scott Shaffer.

Physicist Jason Nielsen was quoted in an article in New Scientist magazine about possible observations of the hypothetical subatomic particle known as the "Higgs boson."

An article in New Scientist about a spectacular supernova included quotes from astrophysicist Stan Woosley.

The Albuquerque Journal ran a story on a new book by Humanities Division lecturer Emily Abbink about the history of Santa Fe's nearly 400-year-old seat of government.

Campus veterinarian Dave Casper was quoted in a story in the Santa Cruz Sentinel and San Jose Mercury News about dead juvenile salmon sharks washing up on local beaches.

Astronomer Constance Rockosi spoke to KGO Radio about Google Sky, a new program for astronomy buffs, and was joined by fellow astronomers Garth Illingworth and Xavier Prochaska to discuss the program on KSBW-TV News.

Postdoctoral researcher Kena Fox-Dobbs is featured in a two-part National Geographic TV special, "Prehistoric Predators," about the dire wolf and sabertooth cat.

Assistant professor of theater arts and design Brandin Baron-Nusbaum was featured in a Contra Costa Times article about how current fashion trends date back historically hundreds of years.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a feature and photo spread on Shakespeare Santa Cruz actor and theater arts lecturer Mike Ryan, also quoting theater arts professor and SSC artistic director Paul Whitworth.

The Arizona Daily Star noted that assistant theater arts professor Patty Gallagher, an expert in Balinese dance, clowning, and Shakespearean drama, will be presenting workshops about the use of masks during her tenure as artist-in-residence for Tucson's Rogue Theater.

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