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December 11, 2006

UCSC Foundation trustee Frans Lanting and biochemist David Deamer were featured guests on Michael Krasny's KQED Radio show Forum, discussing Lanting's new project, Life: A Journey Through Time (listen).

Another UCSC Foundation trustee was in the media this week: Ken Doctor was on NPR's Weekend Edition discussing online classified ads.

Psychology professor Aida Hurtado was profiled in the inaugural issue of Santa Cruz Magazine, a publication of the Santa Cruz Sentinel. Hurtado was also featured in a Latina magazine article about the crisis facing Latino boys, more than half of whom don't graduate from high school. Citing her own study of educationally successful Latinas and Latinos, Hurtado called on parents to provide structure for boys, saying parental support appears to be a critical factor in student success.

Literature professor and 2006 National Book Award winnner Nathaniel Mackey was a featured guest on Public Radio International's The Tavis Smiley Show.

Glaciologist Slawek Tulaczyk is featured in two related cover stories in New Scientist magazine about the hidden world beneath the Anarctic ice sheets.

Faye Crosby of psychology was featured in a Boston Globe column about the importance of mentors in business, particularly for young people building their careers. The column also appeared in Brazen Careerist.

Astronomers Gregory Laughlin and Douglas Lin were quoted in a cover story about planet formation in Science News magazine.

The San Francisco Chronicle ran a review of feminist studies professor Bettina Aptheker's new memoir, Intimate Politics.

Biologist Michael Weise was quoted in a story in the Salinas Californian about sea lions behaving aggressively toward humans.

The New York Times tapped Anthony Pratkanis of psychology for comment about bogus get-rich-quick schemes. An expert on fraud, Pratkanis is coauthor of the book Weapons of Fraud: A Source Book for Fraud Fighters.

Ocean scientist Mary Silver was featured in an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about potential health effects of red tides on surfers and swimmers.

A Good Times cover story described the work taking place at the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems on the eve of the 40th anniversary of the Alan Chadwick Garden, where it all began.

New Scientist magazine ran a story about research on dark matter led by astronomer Jurg Diemand.

Sociologist Hiroshi Fukurai's work on Japan's plans to bring back a jury system was cited in a New York Times op-ed.

Paul Ortiz of community studies participated in a KPFA Radio interview on the station's Voices of the Middle East and North Africa program.

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