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November 13, 2006

Voters favor education bond, Measures I and J

California voters on November 7 approved Proposition 1D, the $10.4 billion bond measure for public education facilities in California, which includes $143 million for capital projects at UCSC. In the City of Santa Cruz, they also approved two measures related to UCSC growth.

In his latest videocast to the campus community, Acting Chancellor Blumenthal discusses the recent election and the ballot issues that relate to UCSC.

UCSC projects to be funded by the the bond measure include:

* Seismic, safety, and renovation improvements to McHenry Library, which are part of the McHenry Library renovation and addition project;

* 25,000 feet of office, research, and teaching space for digital media programs, including state-of-the-art media and photography labs;

* Infrastructure improvements for the campus's heating, gas, electricity, fire protection, and storm drainage systems;

* 60,000 square feet of facilities for biomedical science and engineering programs.

For additional information, please see UC Office of the President fact sheet.

Voters in Santa Cruz also approved Measures I and J. "While questions of the measures' legality may ultimately be decided by the courts, I personally remain committed to continuing dialogue with the City aimed at resolving our differences," said Acting UCSC Chancellor George Blumenthal after the vote. (See full statement.)

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