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October 30, 2006

Comprehensive Administrative Operations Calendar now available

The Office of the Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor is producing its first Campus Administrative Operations Calendar. The calendar is a snapshot of anticipated changes for the coming academic year set in the context of major administrative operational milestones, such as the budget process, fiscal close, etc. It is being published for campus staff as a reminder of activities that might have an impact in the coming academic year. The calendar was created in response to requests for improved internal communication and collaboration to allow for better work across divisions.

This Administrative Operations Calendar will supplement campuswide calendars already in existence, such as the Academic Administrative Calendar and the Campus Events Calendar, and replaces last year's Campus Transformation Update Newsletter. While a first and imperfect step in many ways, this calendar will be a process of continuous improvement guided by campus input and suggestions.

If feedback suggests this is a valuable tool, the hard copy version, which is being distributed to staff, will be produced annually and may be expanded to faculty and others. Given that certain pieces of information will most likely change over the next several months, the calendar also has a web site, located at that includes:

  • A PDF version of the calendar, which will be updated quarterly
  • Online content with additional information, links, and updates
  • A link inviting your ideas and comments on the calendar

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