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October 9, 2006

Haney participates in Guantanamo teach-in

Psychology professor Craig Haney traveled to Seton Hall Law School in New Jersey to participate in the nationwide Guantanamo Teach In, a daylong collaboration of academics, journalists, religious leaders, medical professionals, and military representatives who gathered to explore the government's detention policy and practices in the “war on terror.”

Photo of Craig Haney

Craig Haney

Participants examined the national and international implications of indefinitely detaining hundreds of individuals deemed "enemy combatants." More than 200 colleges and universities around the country joined the “virtual teach-in” by simulcasting all or parts of the proceedings on their campuses.

In addition to Haney, panelists included Jane Mayer of the New Yorker, Leonard Rubinstein, head of Physicians for Human Rights, Gerald Koocher, president of the American Psychological Association, and Captain James Yee, the Muslim military officer who was dismissed from Guantanamo and falsely charged with treason.

Haney was a speaker on a panel discussing the history of torture in the modern world. Other topics included the ethical and legal problems facing media covering Guantanamo, the force feeding of prisoners, the unprecedented role of religion in the “war on terror,” the proper role of military physicians, U.S. detention policy post-9/11, the ethical obligation of military officers, and Guantanamo and American foreign relations.

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