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September 25, 2006


The following individuals retired during the period of May through August 2006, unlesss otherwise noted. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their years of service (rounded to the nearest year). Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Frank Andrews, professor of chemistry and biochemistry, 39 years
Candace Arnott, administrative human resources manager, Physical Planning and Construction, 27 years
Jacqueline Baeza, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 23 years
Deborah Belville, academic preceptor, Porter College, 21 years
Linda Biancalana, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 20 years
Barbara Brogan, assistant vice chancellor, Academic Human Resources, 28 years
William Brown, senior development engineer, UCO/Lick, 42 years
Max Camarillo, director, Counseling and Psychological Services, 26 years
Sonia Deetz, membership development, Long Marine Lab, 10 years
Thomas Ellison, assistant, Alumni Office, 10 years
Ingeborg Gerdes, lecturer, photography, 9 years
Judith Hance (Feb. 2006), principal administrative analyst, Information and Technology Services, 31 years
Ellen Hart, lecturer, Writing Program, 16 years
Gail Heit, associate vice chancellor, Student Affairs, 37 years
Roy Suzanne Hilton, senior clerk, Bay Tree Bookstore, 6 years
Henry Hooker, principal architect, Physical Plant, 16 years
John Isbister, professor of economics, 38 years
Virginia Jansen, professor of art and visual culture, 27 years
Jacqueline Ku, lecturer, Chinese language, 17 years
Bruce Levine, professor of history, 9 years
Donald MacAngus (Feb. 2006), payroll manager, 33 years
Alberto Mendez, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 5 years
Joanne Nelson, assistant, Government Publications, McHenry Library, 16 years
Barbara Ng, admissions assistant, Admissions Office, 27 years
Daniel Redlin, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 19 years
Olivia Ruiz, work-study coordinator, Career Center, 28 years
Carol Snyder, manager, Cowell Coffee Shop, 6 years
Margaret Sorenson, supervisor, payroll and human resources, Colleges and University Housing Services, 26 years
Roswell Spafford, lecturer, Writing Program; provost, College Eight, 27 years
Jane Takano, business manager, EOP, 34 years
Julie Trahan, clinical lab scientist, Cowell Student Health Center, 16 years
Sharon Van Kirk, coordinator, academic advising, 21 years
Robert White, assistant university librarian, 26 years
Daniel Wood, director, Physical Education, Recreation, Sports, and Wellness, 23 years

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