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Study: Ammunition main source of lead poisoning in condors

A study led by UCSC environmental toxicologists has confirmed what wildlife biologists have long suspected: Bullet fragments and shotgun pellets in the carcasses of animals killed by hunters are the principal sources of lead poisoning in California condors that have been reintroduced to the wild. (More)

Mexican migrants ‘invisible no more,’ says report coauthored by UCSC prof

Mexican migrants have become important political and civic actors, according to the new report “Invisible No More: Mexican Migrant Civic Participation in the United States,” coauthored by Latin American and Latino Studies professor Jonathan Fox. (More)

Graduate students develop 'globalized' history curriculum

The impact of the world on U.S. history, as well as the impact of the U.S. on the world, will be the focus of a new globalized model curriculum for college-level survey courses in U.S. history. Graduate students in history collaborated on the “Globalizing U.S. History” project. (More)