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August 14, 2006

Research on sooty shearwater migrations led by biologist Scott Shaffer received widespread media coverage, including stories in national and international newspapers such as the New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Santa Cruz Sentinel, Monterey Herald, Globe and Mail (Canada), Toronto Star, Telegraph (U.K.), Guardian (U.K.), Scotsman, Australian, and New Zealand Herald; AP and UPI news wires; National Public Radio's Day to Day; and online news sites such as BBC News, Times Online, ABC News, MSNBC, National Geographic News, Environmental News Network, ScienceNow,, Top Tech News, and

Economist Lori Kletzer's findings on job outsourcing were cited in an "Economic View" piece in the New York Times.

History of consciousness professor James Clifford was interviewed on National Public Radio about the opening of a controversial new museum in Paris, the Quai Branly Museum, which is devoted to the display of non-Western arts and cultures.

Professor of Earth sciences James Zachos was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about ocean acidification due to carbon dioxide emissions. His research was also featured in a story on ocean acidification in New Scientist magazine.

Slate ran a rave review of Far from the Madding Gerund, a new book coauthored by linguistics professor Geoffrey Pullum.

The September issue of Sky & Telescope magazine has several stories featuring UCSC planetary scientists, including separate news stories about research by Craig Agnor on Neptune's moon Triton and by Francis Nimmo on Saturn's moon Enceladus, as well as a cover story on the Japanese Hayabusa mission with quotes from Erik Asphaug.

An unusual invention by ITS staff member Erin Elliott was featured in the San Jose Mercury News and PC Magazine. Displayed at a design expo at Yahoo’s Sunnyvale campus, Elliott’s Edible Interface allowed participants to lick sensor-equipped lollipops to control the movements of robotic dolls. (View video clip)

The Santa Cruz Sentinel and Mid-County Post ran stories about Phillip Berman, professor and chair of biomolecular engineering.

A scholarly review of associate history professor David Anthony’s new book Max Yergan: Race Man, Internationalist, Cold Warrior appeared in the South African journal Safundi.

William Clark, director of the Office of Sponsored Projects, was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel story about the growth in funding for research at UCSC.

Associate professor of literature Louis Chude-Sokei was interviewed on National Public Radio about his work on masquerade and carnival in relation to the work of the African American visual artist Carrie Mae Weems, whose "The Louisiana Project" is currently showing at the San Francisco Museum of the African Diaspora.

Physicist Anthony Aguirre was quoted in a Boston Globe story about the new Foundational Questions Institute, of which Aguirre is associate scientific director.

Holger Schmidt, associate professor of electrical engineering, was featured in an article about optical sensor technology in Laser Focus World.

Astronomer Jason X. Prochaska's research on galaxies was covered by UPI wire service, Physics Web,, Universe Today, Astra News, and

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