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July 3, 2006

Bill Domhoff of sociology was quoted in a Washington Post article about U.S. society's fascination with conspiracy theories. Domhoff noted that for all their populist flavor, conspiracy theories usually end up attributing more power to elites than they actually have.

Also in sociology, Ben Crow was tapped by the Concord (New Hampshire) Monitor for comment about new water and electricity systems being developed for the Third World by Segway inventor Dean Kamen. Crow pointed out the social and political challenges of the world's water issues that have so far defied technological "quick fixes."

Research on earthquake aftershocks by seismologist Emily Brodsky was covered by Science Letter, Life Science Weekly, and other newsletters.

In an article about widespread economic anxiety in the United States, U. S. News & World Report honed in on economist Lori Kletzer's proposal for a wage insurance program.

Film and digital media professor Chip Lord was quoted in a Dwell magazine cover story on radical architecture about the innovative Ant Farm art and architecture collective he cofounded in 1968. In addition, Lord and Margaret Morse, also a professor of film and digital media, were quoted in a Metro Santa Cruz article about experimental art at UCSC.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel ran a lengthy Q&A with UCSC's new athletic director, Linda Spradley, on the front page of the sports section.

The author of an editor's note in the Los Angeles Times turned to Patricia Zavella of Latin American and Latino studies for insight into the use of the word mojado in an article. The word, Spanish for "wetback," has increasingly been adopted by undocumented immigrants as a badge of honor, said Zavella.

Genomic research by Gil Bejerano and others in UCSC's Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering was covered in Genomics and Genetics Weekly, Health & Medicine Week, Biotech Week, Science Letter, and other newsletters.

Psychology instructor Veronica Tonay was featured in an Oregonian article about the meaning of dreams.

Farnaz Fatemi of the Writing Program was featured in an article in the Santa Cruz Sentinel about a new anthology of writing by Iranian-American women to which she has contributed.

Diverse Issues in Higher Education noted that the Koret Foundation will divide $1.25 million in grants to support Jewish Studies programs at UC Santa Cruz, Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UC Davis.


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