May 21, 2007


The following individuals retired during the period of January through April 2007. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their length of service (rounded to the nearest year). Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Diana Caris, operations coordinator, Computer Systems Operations, 24 years
Michael Cohen, associate researcher, Psychology Department, 23 years
Stephanie Coulter, assistant to the provost and the CAO, Oakes College, 21 years
Charles Crummer, staff research associate, Physics Department, 9 years
Romeo Esteban, senior custodian, Physical Plant, 19 years
Diane Gazzano, administrative manager, Silicon Valley Center, 5 years
Melessa Hemler, assistant, Services to Academic Staff, College Eight, 33 years
Elizabeth Irwin, associate vice chancellor, University Relations, 12 years
Jon Kersey, manager, Social Sciences Media Lab, 27 years
Robin McDuff, facilities manager, Kresge College, 17 years
Robert Miller, vice chancellor for research, professor of biology, 6 years
Pamela Olivieri, buyer, Physical and Biological Sciences, 39 years
William Pollock, operations coordinator, Computer Systems Operations, 22 years
Diane Ritch, assistant, University Extension, 11 years
Virginia Roberts, assistant, Psychology Department, 5 years
Patricia Sanders, assistant, Merrill Faculty Services, 38 years
Cheryl Van De Veer, assistant, History of Consciousness Department, 22 years
Deborah Wargin, senior auto equipment operator, 6 years
John Zaknich, mechanic, Physical Plant, 13 years
Beth Laurayn Zumot, senior auto equipment operator, 6 years

Retirements, January-April, 2007
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