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March 12, 2007

Economist Lori Kletzer was interviewed by the New York Times about wage insurance.

David Lackner, director of the affiliates program for the Bio-Info-Nano R&D Institute (BIN-RDI), was interviewed on KLIV and KSCO Radio and quoted in a San Jose Mercury News story about the institute, which was also covered in the San Francisco Chronicle, Nanotechnology News,, and (See UCSC press release.)

Astronomer Sandra Faber and postdoctoral researcher Susan Kassin were featured in coverage of the AEGIS galaxy survey on CBC Radio and in USA Today, Science News, UPI, Space Daily, SpaceRef,, Slashdot, Innovations Report, CCN Magazine, and (See UCSC press release.)

Rob Fairlie fielded a call about immigrant women who are entrepreneurs from a reporter with USINFO, a U.S. State Department-run web site about U.S. foreign policy and American life and culture.

Anthropologist Adrienne Zihlman's comments about new research that proves that chimpanzees make weapons and kill prey received further distribution, appearing in Science News, the Los Angeles Times, the Scotsman, and as well as in papers in Arizona, Texas, and elsewhere.

A Santa Cruz Sentinel story about red-legged frogs included quotes from biology graduate student Antonia D'Amore.

IEEE Spectrum magazine ran a story about astronomer Gregory Laughlin's project to involve amateur astronomers in the hunt for new planets.

An article in the Monterey County Weekly about threats to marine mammals on the Central Coast included quotes from biologist Daniel Costa.

Producers with Japan's Fuji network contacted Bruce Bridgeman of psychology for a feature they're preparing about the Mystery Spot. Bridgeman published a scholarly article about the psychological principles underlying the popular tourist attraction's bizarre effects on perception.

The Santa Cruz Good Times ran an article describing how Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jane Smiley did research for her new Hollywood novel by sitting in on a UCSC class titled Working in TV and Film, taught by alumnus and UC Santa Cruz Foundation trustee Loren Steck.

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