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January 15, 2007

Earnings statements, W-2 forms available online

Beginning this month, monthly earnings statements for employees who receive their pay through direct deposit are available online at the UC At Your Service web site. After August, employees will no longer be sent the paper version of the statement except by special request. Detailed instructions for viewing, printing, and saving your Statement of Earnings is provided in a campus message from the Payroll Office.

You may choose to receive your W-2 form for tax year 2007 electronically instead of in paper form. This is part of a universitywide effort to improve customer service by eliminating the wait associated with receiving paper W-2 forms through the mail, reducing the consumption of natural resources that are used to print and distribute W-2 forms, and improving security over personal, confidential data. Instructions on how to sign up for an electronic 2007 W-2 form can be found in a campus message from the Payroll Office.

Duplicate W-2 forms for 2005 are still online at UC At Your Service, and W-2 forms for tax year 2006 will be posted in the next few weeks.

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