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January 1, 2007

Wellness Center expanding exercise program to include mental health

By Louise Donahue

The Adopt-A-Slug exercise program at the Wellness Center is being expanded this year, just in time for the expected January onslaught of newly energized exercisers.

For 2007, the popular annual exercise mentorship program is adding a mental health component. Counseling & Psychological Services staff will provide Feel Better Fast workshops to teach coping skillls for anxiety, stress, sleep problems, and depression.

As in past years, the exercise program asks those who exercise regularly to "adopt" their nonactive friends, co-workers, or classmates and assist them as they begin a new physical activity program.

"Research shows that those who have social support are more consistent with being physically active," said Wellness Center manager Ryan Andrews. "They do not drop out like those who try to be successful on their own."

Similar to last year, buddy pairs will be challenged to complete a certain number of physical activity sessions, and complete predetermined stress reduction exercises within a seven-week period to qualify for a t-shirt and additional prizes. The grand prizes will be beach cruiser bicycles.

The program will begin January 16 and continue until March 6.

Program details are available online.

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