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November 28, 2005

Regents act on budget, salary issues

Meeting November 16-17, the University of California Board of Regents approved an increase in student fees, and also took action on compensation issues.

• Undergraduate fees increased 8 percent. The 2006-07 budget proposal includes funding for student enrollment growth, expanded support for graduate education, improvements in the student-faculty ratio, additional aid for low- and middle-income families, and permanent state support for academic preparation programs. The Regents approved fee increases of 8 percent ($492) for resident undergraduates, 10 percent ($690) for resident graduate academic students, and 5 percent (dollar amounts varying by school) for most professional school students in 2006-07. (Read full story)

• Merit increases for senior officers approved. The Regents approved regular annual merit increases averaging 2.5 percent for senior UC management, including President Robert C. Dynes, chancellors and other UC officers. On Oct. 1, UC staff employees not covered by union contracts received general salary increases based on a 3.5 percent funding pool (increases for union-represented employees are governed by collective bargaining agreements). (See full story)

• Compensation proposal approved. The UC Board of Regents approved RE-61, a proposal aimed at ensuring competitive compensation and benefits for all UC faculty and staff. Under the proposal, UC will establish specific goals in order to achieve market-competitive salaries for all employees over the next 10 years. A third part of RE-61 regarding the use of private funds to augment the salaries of certain senior positions was not discussed. (See full story)


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