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Awards and Honors

Physicist Peter Young receives Outstanding Faculty Award

By Tim Stephens

The Division of Physical and Biological Sciences has honored Peter Young, professor of physics, with the Outstanding Faculty Award for 2004-05. The award was made in recognition of Young's distinguished research career, teaching excellence, and commitment to service.

Photo of Peter Young

Peter Young

Young is a fellow of the American Physical Society and corecipient of the 1985 Maxwell Medal and Prize from the Institute of Physics. In 2004, he received UCSC's Excellence in Teaching Award.

The author of nearly 200 papers on theoretical condensed matter physics, Young studies phase transitions, with an emphasis on using numerical techniques to give a physical understanding of the problem. One area of interest is phase transitions in random systems, particularly in the highly disordered magnetic systems known as "spin glasses." The theory of quantum phase transitions is another area of interest.

Young came to UCSC in 1984 from Imperial College London. He earned his M.A. and D.Phil. degrees from Oxford University.

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