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The New York Times quoted literature professor Richard Terdiman in an article about a new partnership between UC Libraries and technology companies to provide free public access to digitized books.

Research on dark matter in elliptical galaxies by physicist Joel Primack, visiting researcher Avishai Dekel, and their collaborators was reported in Science Now, Space Daily, and Globes Online.

New Teacher Center director Ellen Moir's recent national education award was covered by the Chronicle of Higher Education and the Santa Cruz Sentinel. The Sentinel also published an article about Faye Crosby, who recently received a top award in social psychology.

The San Jose Mercury News announced that professor of linguistics Geoffrey Pullum was named one of 51 Radcliffe Institute fellows for 2005-06.

Economist Rob Fairlie's research on the digital divide was covered by National Journal's Technology Daily.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel noted the efforts of theater arts lecturer Don Williams to include children in the Santa Cruz African American community for a Kids on Broadway production of Ragtime.

The Olympian (Olympia, Washington) ran a story about marine scientist Gregory Rau's research on technology to control carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

Sociologist Marcia Millman was interviewed by the Chicago Sun-Times for an article about sisters, the topic of Millman's most recent book.

The Santa Cruz Sentinel and Aptos Times reported on David Haussler, professor of biomolecular engineering, receiving the Dickson Prize in Science.

In psychology, Bruce Bridgeman appeared on KZSC Radio's The Sound of Young America, discussing his research on the Mystery Spot.

An excerpt from physicist Bruce Schumm's book Deep Down Things was published on the Physics Central web site.

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