Panel discussion of intelligent design on Tuesday, October 11

By Tim Stephens

The debate over the teaching of intelligent design in public school science classes will be the subject of a public forum on the UCSC campus on Tuesday, October 11, at 7 p.m. in the Stevenson Events Center. The event is free and open to the public.

Advocates promote intelligent design (ID) as an alternative to the theory of evolution, but it is strongly opposed by scientific organizations. The panel discussion is cosponsored by Stevenson College and Veritas Forum, a national Christian organization that organizes forums on college campuses to explore a broad range of issues in relation to religious faith. There will be two panelists in favor of teaching ID in schools and two opposed.

Arguing against the teaching of intelligent design will be David Deamer, professor of chemistry and biochemistry and interim chair of the Department of Biomolecular Engineering, and Rev. Darrell Darling of United Methodist Church in Santa Cruz. Arguing in favor will be Robert D'Agostino, a professor at John Marshall Law School in Atlanta, and Paul Nelson, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute in Seattle, a leading organization behind the ID movement.

For additional information about the forum, contact Pamela Urfer at (831) 475-5157.

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