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Cota-Robles Fellows recognized

UCSC’s Cota-Robles Fellows were recognized Thursday at a reception at the University Center.

The Cota-Robles Fellowships (named for Eugene Cota-Robles, who began the program) is a multi-year fellowship for graduate students pursuing doctoral degrees with the goal of an academic career.

The fellowship program is designed to increase the number of qualified candidates for faculty positions within the University of California, with the added effort of increasing the diversity of such candidates.

“The reception for the fellows was a first on campus, but will become an annual event, said Lisa Sloan, vice provost and dean of Graduate Studies. About 25 Cota-Robles Fellows attended, getting a chance to meet each other as well as Chancellor Denice D. Denton and Campus Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor David Kliger.

“This was a wonderful first-time event,” said Sloan. “The fellows made some new connections with each other and renewed old connections. They also had a chance to talk to me about some issues that were important to them. We hope to have many more events for all of our grads as the quarter progresses,” she added.

The campus awards 10 Cota-Robles fellowships a year. Each department nominates students, the Graduate Council makes recoomendations, and the Grad Division issues the awards.

Cota-Robles Fellows are assisted by formal and informal group orientations, individual advice about academic matters, financial aid, postdoctoral opportunities, and through the provision of information about career planning, health care, and housing.

Additional information on the Cota-Robles application process is available at

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