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The following individuals retired during the period of May through August 2005. Retirees are listed with their position prior to retirement and their years of service (rounded to the nearest year). Thanks to all for their many years of service to the university.

Jennifer Anderson, lecturer, assistant to the chair, Environmental Studies Department, 28 years
Carol Atwood,
undergraduate adviser, School of Engineering, 6 years
Donna Barry, administrative specialist, Physical Plant, 10 years
Terrie Ann Behler
, assistant, University Extension, 8 years
Frank (Bud) Bridges,
professor of physics, 36 years
Mary Brooks, marketing director, University Extension, 11 years
Roger Bunch, lecturer, Humanities Division, 11 years
Oscar Camarena, senior architectural associate, Physical Planning and Construction, 20 years
Laura Campbell, assistant, University Library, 14 years
Gesna Clarke, chief operations manager, Colleges and University Housing Services, 20 years
Dianne Delisle, lock shop assistant, Physical Plant, 20 years
Anita Diaz, chief operating officer, Student Affairs, 23 years
Eugene Ervin, community safety officer, Colleges and University Housing Services, 6 years
John Faulkner, professor of astronomy and astrophysics, UCO/Lick Observatory, 36 years
Jerry Feldman, professor of biology, 31 years
Catherine Fong, associate director, Academic Senate, 18 years
James Gabrio, building and utility services supervisor, Physical Plant, 29 years
Robert Goff, professor of philosophy, 37 years
Beth Guislin, director of instructional computing, ITS, 26 years
Donald Harris, senior photographer, Photo Services, 19 years
Chiyoko Ishibashi, lecturer in Japanese, 33 years
Robert James, programmer analyst, Financial Aid Office, 24 years
Elise Levinson, director of facilities and asset development, Colleges and University Housing Services, 23 years
Linda Locatelli, greenhouse manager, staff research associate, Sinsheimer Labs, 24 years
Israel Longoria, lead custodian, Physical Plant, 23 years
Robert Marconi, facilities project manager, University Extension, 13 years
Sharyn Martin, director, Disability Resource Center, 20 years
Angelita Mendoza, senior custodian, University House, 7 years
Diana Sue Miller, buyer, Purchasing, 29 years
Myrtis Moore, buyer, Financial Safety Services, 22 years
K. David Ng, senior buyer, Purchasing, 32 years
David Orlando, lecturer in French, 33 years
Michael Quinton, captain, Fire Department, 27 years
Mary Rimovsky, program assistant, University Extension, 13 years
Rigoberto Rocha, senior mail processor, Mail Services, 34 years
Victor Schiffrin, photographer, Photo Services, 21 years
Maureen Schwenderlauf, cashier, University Extension, 10 years
Laura Siqueiros, child development center teacher, Colleges and University Housing Services, 8 years
Paul Skenazy, professor of American literature, provost of Kresge College, 33 years
Carli Stevens, child development center teacher, Colleges and University Housing Services, 7 years
David Swanger, professor of education and creative writing, 33 years
Sally Thomas, program representative, University Extension, 16 years
John Wilkes, director, senior lecturer, Science Communication Program, 28 years
Paul Willis, coordinator for residential education, College Eight, 19 years

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