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In Hurricane Katrina news:
The New York Times called on racism expert David Wellman of community studies to discuss the racial divide apparent even in relief concerts. Wellman was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article about the debate over whether race played a role in response efforts. Wellman was also quoted in the Sacramento Bee, discussing how the natural disaster has shined a spotlight on the vulnerability of black Americans. His comments were picked up by the Monterey County Herald. . . . The New York Times contacted professor emeritus of psychology Elliot Aronson in the wake of the Katrina disaster for insight into the surge of lawlessness that broke out. . . . Politics professor Daniel Wirls helped the San Jose Mercury News sort out the political fallout for President Bush of his handling of the Katrina disaster. Wirls also fielded a call from the Santa Cruz Sentinel about a judge's ruling that the Pledge of Allegiance is unconstitutional. . . . Tom Pettigrew, research professor of psychology and an expert on racism, was a guest on Community TV's Voices program, discussing "the storm after the storm." . . . Senior cook Bruce Holgers was featured in a Santa Cruz Sentinel story about volunteers pitching in to help hurricane victims. After a brief Red Cross training, Holgers was flown to Baton Rouge to help feed the hungry. . . . The new community studies internship to help hurricane-stricken areas coordinated by Mike Rotkin got broad play, including coverage by the Associated Press, KTVU TV, the San Jose Mercury News, Tuscaloosa (Alabama) News, Contra Costa Times, Modesto Bee, radio stations in Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Alabama, as well as the Santa Cruz Sentinel, the Monterey County Herald, and KSBW TV. . . . Theater arts lecturer Don Williams was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel article about the role of race in the government response to Hurricane Katrina.

Ann Pace, assistant director of the Center for Biomolecular Science and Engineering, was quoted in a Santa Cruz Sentinel story about a training grant for stem cell research.

Susanne Jonas of Latin American and Latino studies was a guest on WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show about post-war Guatemala.

Astronomer Sandra Faber was mentioned in the Santa Cruz Sentinel's "Name Dropping" column, and also in an article on about new observations of blue stars around a supermassive black hole in the Andromeda galaxy.

The Washington Times cited the work of economist Lori Kletzer in a story about the hidden cost of free trade and the shortcomings of worker-retraining programs.

The Houston Chronicle quoted history professor Dana Frank about about what it really means to buy American, noting that "trade policy, not consumer demand, drives global commerce" as it creates job losses and closed plants, and hurts workers while boosting corporate bottom lines. Vermont's  Times Argus also picked up the story.

An article in Science News about the most distant gamma-ray burst ever discovered included a quote from astrophysicist Stan Woosley.

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