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June 12, 2006

Awards ceremony caps Student Achievement Week

Students, staff, faculty, family, and friends crowded the College Nine/College Ten Multipurpose Room on June 9 as accomplishments in an array of disciplines were recognized at the annual Student Achievement Awards.

The ceremony was part of Student Achievement Week, a showcase of student research, artwork, and perfomances. (See earlier Currents story)

The event included a welcome from Chancellor Denice D. Denton, with William Ladusaw, vice provost and dean of undergraduate education as emcee.

Presentation of the Deans’ and Chancellor’s Awards was made by the leaders of each academic division. Loren Steck presented the Steck Award and spoke to the gathering.

Awards and scholarships included:

Loren Steck Award. The Loren Steck Award honors the finest senior thesis completed during an academic year, with the winner chosen from the Chancellor’s Award candidates. Aaron Wolf won the award for his thesis, “A Determination of the Spin-Orbit Alignment of the Anomalously Dense Planet Orbiting HD 149026.” Greg Laughlin, assistant professor in the Astronomy and Astrophysics Department, is Wolf’s mentor.

Strauss Award. Each year, the Strauss Scholarships fund at least 14 public-service projects proposed by college juniors in California. The late Donald Strauss of Newport Beach demonstrated a strong commitment to public service. His widow, Dorothy M. R. Strauss, established the foundation in 1997 as a tribute to her husband. This year’s Strauss Award winner, Saurabh Mishra, plans to use the $10,000 scholarship to fight tuberculosis in India. (See Currents article, ( 05-06/05-29/mishra.asp)

Kenneth and Ann Thimann Scholarship. Professor emeritus of biology at UCSC Kenneth Thimann and his wife, Ann, established this pledge of support to UCSC in recognition of future UCSC graduate science scholars. The scholarship award of $2,000 is intended for use in graduate studies. Blaise Hamel and Aaron Wolf received the award this year.

The Elmer A. Fridley Scholarship in the Physical Sciences was established as a result of a bequest to the University of California from the estate of William Fridley, a longtime resident of Santa Cruz County. Given each year to an outstanding student in the physical sciences, this year’s award goes to David Dawson. 

Deans and Chancellor's Awards. These awards recognize outstanding achievements by undergraduate students. Ten Deans’ Awards are awarded to students within each division (Arts, Engineering, Humanities, Physical & Biological Sciences, Social Sciences). Of those students, up to three in each division can be selected to receive a Chancellor’s Award. Students as well as their mentors were recognized at the ceremony.

Students honored were:

Tova Abelman—C. Fiore Prize in Organic Chemistry
Aubrey Adams—Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program, ‘05-06, Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Robin Aglietti—Doug Drexler Organic Chemistry Scholarship
Mustafa Ali—Doug Drexler Organic Chemistry Scholarship
Kevin Allen—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Rita Alves—Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Nuri Amanatullah—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05;
Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Daniela Amodei—Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Ian Anderson— Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program, '05-'06
Sarah Kate Anderson—Priscilla Newton Scholarship
Krikor G. Andonian—Fulbright Award '05-'06
Courtney Angelo—Deans' Award
Chelsea Anjeski—Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program '05-'06
Eric Aquilar—Weber/Holt Grant
Samuel Araya—Altman Family Trust Scholarship
Eytihia Arges—Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Awards '05-'06
Rose Atwell—Priscilla Newton Scholarship

Laura Bachrach—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Natalie Bagley—Regents Scholar
Kristen Baldwin—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Leslie Barnes—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Tamara Barnett —Regents Scholar
James A. Barsimantor—Fulbright Award '05-'06
Lucas Barth—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06; Florence French Scholarship, winter '06; Palace Art & Supply Award, spring '06
Thomas Baucke—Regents Scholar
Kate Marie Beall—Phi Beta Kappa S'06
Anne-Marie Becker—Regents Scholar
Laura Beck-Pancer—Regents Scholar
Joseph Beiss—Porter Scholarship, spring '06
Marci Beitch—Weber/Holt Grant
Bevin Bell—Phi Beta Kappa, fall '05
Mark Bellinger—Regents Scholar
Samuel Bennett—William H. & Susan B. Irwin Scholarship, winter '06

Cole Berry—Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Awards '05-'06
Nolan Betterley—C. Fiore Prize in Organic Chemistry
Ashley Bicker —Regents Scholar
Elizabeth Bigsby—Weber/Holt Grant
Rachel Bingham—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Ashley Black—Priscilla Newton Scholarship
Micaela  Blondet—Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship
Danielle Blumen—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Nicole Jennifer Blumenfeld—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Alex Bogdanov—Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Eve Bohnett— Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program (CUIP) '05-'06
Lauren Bomse—Deans' Award, Hortense Zuckerman recipient
Sandra Bonilla—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship, Multicultural Engineering (MEP) Scholarship Award, Regent David S. Lee Scholarship '05-'06
Curtis Boone —Regents Scholar
Daniel Borkan—Phi Beta Kappa, fall '05
Thea Bosselmann—Humanities Undergraduate Research Award (HUGRA)
Tryton Bower—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship; Regents Scholar
Joanna Bremser—Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award, '06
Shane Brennan—Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Kathryn Brun—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06
Emily Bruns—Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Cailin Bryant—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06
Deirdre Bundy—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05;
Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Alfred Calayag—Multicultural Engineering (MEP) Scholarship Award '05-'06
Joseph Campion—Regents Scholar
Justin Michael Canty—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Damiana Carpizo—Phi Beta Kappa, winter '06
Sarah Casper— Phi Beta Kappa, winter ’06
Adrianna Castellanos —Regents Scholar
Ana  Castillo—Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship
Emily Castillo—Deans' Award; Chair’s Award for Outstanding Essay
Christina Cavey—CUIP '05 - '06
Joesph Centoni—Phi Beta Kappa, winter '06
Kee-Yip Chan—Plantronics Scholarship
Kwok Fai Chan—Duttenhaver Scholar
Lourdes Chang—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Stephanie Cheng—Deans' & Chancellor's Award
Steven Chhay—Deans' & Chancellor's Award, 
David S. Lee Scholarship & Multicultural Engineering (MEP) Scholarship Award
Hsien-Chich Chiou—Sara Matthews Scholarship
Ana Chow—CUIP '05-'06
Arturo Cisneros—Multicultural Engineering (MEP) Scholarship Award '05-'06
Ian Clark—Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Christie Coffin—CUIP '05-'06
Caroline Cohen—CUIP '05-'06
Marie Cole—Regents Scholar
Joann M. Collier—Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award (LOA) '06
Samuel Bryan Collier—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Luz Mallery Cordoba—Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship
Giovanna Coto—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Brooke Crowley—Phi Beta Kappa Northern California Scholarship
Tyler Cushing—Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Award (CUIP) '05-'06

Khanhvi Dang—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Jesael David—Phi Beta Kappa, winter '06
Danielle M. Davis—Dizikes Prize
David M. Dawson—Elmer A. Fridley Scholarship
George Dean—Plantronics Scholarship
Nicholas Delaney—Deans' and Chancellor's Awards
Laurel Demarco—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Thewodros Demilew—Deans' Award, Multicultural Engineering (MEP) Scholarship Award '05-'06
Serena Dennis—Phi Beta Kappa, fall '05
Vanick Der Bedrossian—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Iris J. DeSerio—Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Hannah Doughri—Phi Beta Kappa, fall '05
Ian Dunbar-Hall—Patrick Mantey Undergraduate Leadership Award '05-'06
Dao Hanh Dung—Karl S. Pister LOA, '06

Bree Eagle —Regents Scholar
Shanti Eagle—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Dustin Earle—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Chelsea Ebin—Deans' Award
Shawn Ebrahimi—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Matthew Eitelberg—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Jaimi Ellison—Deans' Award
Sara Emery—Deans' Award
Katherine Emigh—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05, spring '06
Aaron Epperly—Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship
Yonathan Essaw—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Janelle  Evans —Regents Scholar

Jonathan Faerber—Regent David S. Lee Scholarship '05-'06
Tiara Falk —Regents Scholar
Tanya Finkelstein—CUIP '05-'06
Eron Fitt—Weber/Holt Grant
Michael Fong —Regents Scholar
Todd Fong—HSBC Scholar Award, fall '05
Wendy  Fong—Priscilla Newton Scholarship
Jade Fox—Deans' Award
Brent Franks—Regent David S. Lee Scholarship '05-'06
Lauren Beth Friedman—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Timothy Froehlig—Regents Scholar

Ingrid M. Gain—Karl S. Pister LOA, '06
Jessica Gale—Regents Scholar
Kara Gehersky—Regents Scholar
Mark Gerling —Regents Scholar
Jonathan Giffard—CUIP '05-'06
Jennifer Gigantino—Written Poetry Prize
Luis Gil—CUIP '05-'06
Erin Gilday—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Erica Gillingham—Regents Scholar
Anna Glasser—Deans' and Chancellor's Awards
Laura  Godden—Live Poetry Prize
Andre Goenawan—Deans' and Chancellor's Award,
Sara Matthews Scholarship
Britta Goldmann—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05;
Merit Award, spring '06
Julio  Gomez—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Reginaldo Gomez—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05;
Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Jorge Gonzalez—Karl S. Pister Leaderships Opportunity Award (LOA),  '04-05
Lisa Gonzalez—Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (CUIP) '05-'06
Matthew Gonzalez—CUIP '05-'06
Tiffany Noel Goodwin—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Kea L. Gordon—Fulbright Award '05-'06
Gabrielle Graves—Ellen Renard Memorial Scholarship
Sonja Graves—Deans' Award
Preston  Greene—Regents Scholar
Maria  Gutierrez—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Sandra Jennifer Gutstein—Phi Beta Kappa, winter, '06

Don Ha—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Laura Hain—Karl S. Pister LOA,  '04-'05
Kyle Haines—Deans' & Chancellor's Awards;
Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Charles Marvin Hall—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Irene Hamaker—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05;
Merit Award, spring '06
Blaise Hamel—Kenneth and Ann Thimann Award,
Doug Drexlor Chemistry and Regents Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa
Tara  Hamm—Artists' Book/Book Artist Award
Crissan Harris—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Ainslie C. Harrison—Fulbright Award '05-'06
Ashley  Hart—Phi Beta Kappa, spring, '06
Katherine Hart—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05;
Porter Scholarship, spring '06
Stacy M. Hartman—Fulbright Award '05-'06
Weikun He—Deans' and Chancellor's Award
Catherine Jayne Heckendorf—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Julia Heitner—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Meredith Henley—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05, spring '06; Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Kaelin Henry—Regents Scholar
Eduardo Hernandez—Multicultural Engineering (MEP) Scholarship Award '05-'06
Victor Hernandez—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Eduardo Hernando—David S. Lee Scholarship '05-'06
Marla Hill—Deans' and Chancellor's Awards
Michael Hilsman—Irwin Project Grants; Merit Award,  CUIP, Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Christine Hoffman—Blanche McKenzie Scholarship
Lora Hollingsworth—Deans' and Chancellor's Awards Recipient; Phi Beta Kappa, Walsh Family Scholarship
Lucas Caldwell Hood—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Elizabeth K. Hooshiar—Karl S. Pister LOA, '06
Wayne Hoover—CUIP '05-'06
Matlena Emilia Tuomaine Hourula—Phi Beta Kappa,  spring '06
Ian Hull—Weber/Holt Grant
Wyatt  Hull—Regents Scholar
Katherine Kern Hullin—Phi Beta Kappa, summer '05
Daree Diane Hyun—Deans' Award  and Irwin Scholar

Rehan Iftikhar—CUIP '05-'06
Alycia Isenberg—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’05
Ethan  James—Regents Scholar
Jainai Jeffries—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06; Merit Award
Angelica  Jimenez—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Rebecca Johanson—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Tristan  Johnson—Deans' and Chancellor's Awards, Regents Scholar
Michael Joliffe—Phi Beta Kappa
Christopher Jones—Phi Beta Kappa, summer '05
Renee Jones—Weber/Holt Grant
Charlotte Jones —Regents Scholar
Elizabeth Jose—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Jasmine Joshua—CUIP '05-'06
Emilie Juncker—Plantronics-Econ, spring '06; Phi Beta Kappa
Hye-Young Jung—Plantronics, spring '06;  Karl S. Pister LOA, 
Edva Kashi—Regents Scholar
Zara Katz—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05
Stacey Kerfoot—Phi Beta Kappa,  fall '05
Jonathan Kirsten—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Andrew Kistler—Deans' Award
Mimi Klasson—William H. and Susan B. Irwin Scholarship
Joel Klotz—Phi Beta Kappa, winter ’06
Amber Knight—CUIP '05-'06
Dalyte Ewa Kodzis—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Yuta Komai—Sara Matthews Scholarship
Irshad Koya —Regents Scholar
Stephanie Kramer—Regents Scholar
J ohn Krupa—Phi Beta Kappa, fall '05
Kelly Kunaniec—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Angela Kuo—Regents Scholar

Alisa  La Rue —Regents Scholar
Cameron Lacki—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06
Alicia Katherine Lakomski—Phi Beta Kappa, spring  ’06
Chi Kong Lam—HSBC Scholar Award, spring '06
Julia Susan Lamont—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Patrick Lane —Regents Scholar
Mallory Lann—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05
Daniel Larson —Regents Scholar
Marissa Laubscher—Phi Beta Kappa, summer '05
Felix Lawi—Switzer Music Scholarship
Mark Lawler—Regents Scholar
Jennifer Lawrence—CUIP '05-'06
Aleah Lawrence-Pine—Regents Scholar
David  Lawson—Dante Prize
Thomas Lazur—Deans' Award
Heather Le—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Ngoc Han Le—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05
Trinh Thi Hong Le—Karl S. Pister LOA,  '04-05
Lorena Lechuga—Karl S. Pister LOA, '06
Blythe  Lee —Regents Scholar
Aaron Lehmann—Plantronics Scholarship
Wilson Li—HSBC fall '05;  Plantronics-Econ, spring '06
Eva Licht—CUIP '05-'06
Daniel Lifschitz—Deans' Award
Lauren Lim—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Tracy Lindwall—Porter Scholarship, spring '06
Clarissa Lisboa—Phi Beta Kappa  spring '06
Henry Liu—Regent David S. Lee Scholarship '05-'06
Eric Siu Fung Lo—Phi Beta Kappa, winter '06
Sam Loforti—Weber/Holt Grant
Diana Delatour Lopez—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Jennifer Lopez —Regents Scholar
Mark Lopez—CUIP '05-'06
Patricia  Lopez—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Alfredo Lopez—Dante Prize
Kristen Irene Lowy—Phi Beta Kappa, spring, '06
Ginger Lua—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship Katherine Lyons—Regents Scholar
Jonathan Lytle—Ernest & Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship

Anna MacNeil—Florence French Scholarship, winter '06;
Merit Award, spring '06
Susannah Magers—Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Erin Mann—Humanities Undergraduate Research Award (HUGRA)
Stephanie Manning-Hodson—Regents Scholar
Ian Marling—Regents Scholar
Devin Maroney—Deans' and Chancellor's Awards,
Hitchcock Award
Paloma  Martinez—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Daniel Masaoka—CUIP '05-'06
Nayeli Maxson—Phi Beta Kappa, fall '05
Alex May—Deans' Award
Jordan Elizabeth May—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Ryan Mayeda—Regents Scholar
Caroline McCormick—Deans' Award
Michael McDonald—Weber/Holt Grant
Cady McElravey-Sitkin—William H. and Susan B. Irwin Scholarship
Devon Lindsey McLorg— Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’05
Sarah McNaboe—Weber/Holt Grant
Wilhelm Melitz—Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship
Leticia J. Mendoza—Karl S. Pister Leadership Opportunity Award (LOA), '06
Allyson Merritt—Irwin Project Grants, fall '05, spring '06
Eric Metz—HUGRA
Chandler Miguelgorry—Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship
April Miletich—CUIP '05-'06
Aaron Miller—Deans' Award
Naomi Miller-Wave—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Elizabeth Milne-Kahn—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Sally Ann Mirken—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Victoria Miselis —Regents Scholar
Saurabh Mishra—Donald A. Strauss Scholarship Award
Mayra Moreno—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Jennifer Morgan—Phi Beta Kappa, summer  '05
Cynthia Morimoto—Joseph F. Bunnett Research Prize
Dana Morton—Regents Scholar
Brian Moshofsky—Ellen Renard Memorial Scholarship; Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06, Regents Scholar
Claire Mueller—Phi Beta Kappa, spring S'06
Abel Murillo—CUIP '05-'06
Katherine Murphy—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Rachel Muscutt—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06

Brian Patrick Nagel—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06; Regents Scholar
Jayson Naona—Deans' Award & Regents Scholar
Lewis Nerenberg—Regents Scholar; Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06 ; CUIP '05-'06
Andrew Newcomb—Deans' Award, Irwin Scholarship
Kelly Ng—CUIP '05-'06
Tina Nguyen—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Jason Nicolson—Regents Scholar
Hitomi Nishida —Regents Scholar
Lauren Noble—Regents Scholar
Lisa Norman—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06,
Phi Beta Kappa,  spring ’06
Scott Norton—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Allison Nowak—Phi Beta Kappa, summer '05

Ellen O’Connor—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Catherine Olsen—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Anna O'Malley —Regents Scholar
Jessical L. O'Reilly—Fulbright Award '05'-06
Zachary Orman—Regents Scholar
Karina Orocio—Karl S. Pister LOA, '06
Jody Orsborn—Phi Beta Kappa, summer '05
Jennifer Oshiro—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06

Ana Padilla—Phi Beta Kappa, fall '05
Oxanna Pantchenko—Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship
Anthony Papini—William H. Susan B. Irwin Scholarship, Florence French Scholarship, winter '06; Merit Award, spring '06;
Jennifer Parr—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06;
Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Shaneil Parsad—Deans' and Chancellor's Award
Erik Pasternak—Plantronics Scholarship
Terris Patterson —Regents Scholar
Heather Paul—Deans' Award; HUGRA and Melkonian Award; Hitchcock Award
Domingo Payne—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Daniel Pepper—Plantronics Scholarship
Joshua Pepper—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Frank Petrilli—Phi Beta Kappa, fall ’05
Sara Pfeifer—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06
Christopher Ryan Picco—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Nan Pierce—Regents Scholar
Gina Pierotti—Regents Scholar
Ian Pines—Deans' & Chancellor's Awards & Irwin Scholar
Katy Poole—CUIP '05-'06
Lyle Poulin—Cowell Press Prize
Cailin Margaret Powers—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Josef Preciado—Joel Frankel Memorial Scholarship

Emily Quader—Deans' Award (2) and Chancellor's Awards; David S. Lee Scholarship; Multicultural Engineering (MEP)
Danny  Quinlan—Regents Scholar
Vanessa Raabe—Deans' & Chancellor's Awards
Danny Ramirez—Multicultural Engineering (MEP),
Silicon Valley Engineering Education Award
Jessica Ramirez—Karl S. Pister LOA,  '04-'05
Lucio Gilbert Cloud Ramirez—Deans' Award
Kendra Ramsey—Regents Scholar
Michel Rankin—Duttenhaver Scholar
Mirabai Rao—Lynch Multicultural Service Award
Peter Rasmussen—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Joanna Raymundo—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Angie Redlich—Karl S. Pister LOA,  '04-'05
Lucy-Kate Reeve—Regents Scholar
Rufus Reich-Silber— Hitchcock Award
Shannon  Reid—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Theodore Reid—Regent David S. Lee Scholarship; MEP
Rachel Restani—CUIP '05-'06
Talia Reyes—Cassius Ellis Memorial Award, Phi Beta Kappa
Destiny Riggs—William H. and Susan B. Irwin Scholarship
Megan Rippy—Regents Scholar
Joseph Roan—Joseph F. Bunnett Research Prize
Sybilla Robison—Regents Scholar
Rachel Rogers —Regents Scholar
Greta Romelfanger—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06
Jonathan Rosen —Regents Scholar
Sophia Roussos—Florence French Scholarship, W '06
Seren Willow Rubens—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Michael Ruggiero—Deans' Award  & Huffman Prize
Heather Russell—Deans' and Chancellor's Awards
Krista Sabados—Deans' and Chancellor's Awards
Irene Sam—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Benjamin Samuel—Regents Scholar
Suhagey Sandoval—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Karin Angelina Sare—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Hillary  Saunders —Regents Scholar
Daniel Scheible—William H. & Susan B. Irwin Scholarship & Irwin Project Grant, fall '05
Victoria Schirado—Regents Scholar
Katherine Schoellenbach—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06,
Regents Scholar
Michael Schreiber—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Zoe Schultz—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05; Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Katrina Scott—Karl S. Pister LOA, '06
David Seagal—Regent David S. Lee Scholarship '05-'06
Natalie Sears—Phi Beta Kappa, winter '06
Maria Segarra—Deans'  Award, Karl S. Pister LOA,
Corey Shanbrom—Regents Scholar
Lindsey Jayne Shannon—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Anne Shattuck—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Laura Sheppard—CUIP, '05-'06
Sharma Shiva—Regents Scholar
Carolina Shon—Sara Matthews Scholarship
Tobias Schultz—Regents Scholar
Kaylie Simon—Deans'  Award
Hecha Singh—Karl S. Pister LOA, '04-05
Stephanie Skiljad—Phi Beta Kappa, winter '06
Kevin Smith—UC Foundation Classical Endowment
Lois Smith—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Martin Smith—Steck Award Winner, '05
David Socha—Deans' Award
Lelani Solis—William H. & Susan B. Irwin Scholarship
Rachel Soper —Regents Scholar
John Sousa—HUGRA
James Sowerwine—Deans' Award
Alexandrer Stein—Hortense Zuckerman Prize, Regents Scholar
Elizabeth Stelzner—Geoscientists' Outstanding Woman Student
Jodi Stewart—Deans' Award
Sean Raymond Stillinger—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Talia Yasmeen Stoessel—Phi Beta Kappa, spring   '06
Thomas Strader—Deans' Award
Marissa Elizabeth Fish Strickland—Phi Beta Kappa,  spring '06
Emily Sugarman—Phi Beta Kappa, winter '06
Kaila Sughrue—Regents Scholar
Erin West Sullivan—Karl S. Pister LOA, '05-'06
Colleen Sutter—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Hanami Sutton—Deans' Award
Clare Szydlowski—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06

No'el Tagab-Cruz—CUIP, '05 - '06
Joyce Taihei—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06; Merit Award, S '06, Irwin Project Grant, fall '05
Noah M. Tamarkin—Fulbright Award '05-06
Scott Therien—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship
Steven Thompson—Regents Scholar
Tyra Thorstad—CUIP '05-'06
Amelia Timbers—CUIP '05-'06
Moony Tong—Deans' Award
Daniel Tostado—Karl S. Pister LOA, '06
Amanda Tower—Freeman Leadership Award
Dmitry Trakovsky—Regents Scholar
Julia Trist—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Lyssa R.Trujillo—Karl S. Pister L.O.A. '06
Jennifer Lynn Ternullo—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Heidi Truog —Regents Scholar
Kathleen Tuite—Regents Scholar, Plantronics Scholarship
Ryan Turner—Plantronics Scholarship
Ashley Uyeda—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Ashley Vance—Phi Beta Kappa, winter '06
Ida Vandaei—CUIP '05-'06
Elizabeth Ventura—Regents Scholar

Kimberly Walint Echeverri—Phi Beta Kappa, spring   '06
Katherine P. Walsh—Fulbright Award '05-'06
Vanessa Waring—Irwin Project Grant, spring '06; Artists' Book/Book Artist Award; Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Rachel Warren—Karl S. Pister LOA,  '04-05
Claire Watson—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Matt Waxman—Deans' and Chancellor's Awards
Jodi Waynberg—HUGRA
Shanti Michelle Webb—Phi Beta Kappa, spring ’06
Evan Weiss—Deans' Award, Regents Scholar
Evan Weiss—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Joshua Wentworth—Regents Scholar
Joe Whearty—Weber/Holt Grant
Hilary Ferris White—William H. and Susan B. Irwin Scholarship
Christopher Wilcox —Regents Scholar
Phyllis Wilhelm—Regents Scholar
Caitlin Loreen Wilkes—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Michael Williams —Regents Scholar
Sade Williams—CUIP '05-'06
Teela Williams—Karl S. Pister LOA, '04-'05
Chelsea Wills—Florence French Scholarship, winter '06
Andrew Wiser—Regents Scholar
Aaron Wolf—Deans' and Chancellor's Award;
Kenneth & Ann Thimann Scholarship
Samantha Wood—Regents Scholar
Molly Woodward—Deans' Award
William Ray Yeager—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Desiree Yee—Karl S. Pister LOA, '06
Michaela Yee—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05
Edmond Yip—Deans' Award
Janelle Yong—Multicultural Engineering (MEP) Scholarship Award '05-06
Shawn Yost—Amy Beth Sander Memorial Scholarship '05-'06
Anita Yufe—Irwin Project Grant, fall '05

Daniel Zarakov—CUIP '05-'06
Vera Zelichenok —Ernest and Jean Kretschmer Music Scholarship
Jing Zhang—Amy Beth Snader Memorial Scholarship '05-'06
Wenbo Zhang—Phi Beta Kappa, spring '06
Wesley Zuber—Deans' Award; Robert H. Triebig Memorial Scholarship
John Zuris—Doug Drexler Organic Chemistry Scholarship


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